Nourishing Food, Nourishing Home

Prior to the wedding, I booked myself into a workshop called “Nourishing Food, Nourishing Home”. While it’s somewhat ironic that I found the flyer while getting a coffee and a big slab of rocky road chocolate in the cafe across from work; the idea intrigued me. So despite the fact I felt shattered after being back at work for three days, still recovering from the wedding, I took myself off to this course run by a chiropractor and natural health advocate in the neighboring town.

The course leader and assistant both follow the Weston A Price lifestyle, as did a couple of other women there. While I’m up in the air as to whether it does or doesn’t promote lifestyle health I did notice marked similarities between the eating they described and diets such as “paleo” and the Dukan diet. The fact that everyone I know on these diets is seeing increases in health and vitality does make me wonder. And when the end lesson that I took away from the day was to “stop mindlessly eating such processed crap”, I don’t see how that can be harmful at all!

What was really enjoyable was the opportunity to sit in a kitchen and learn loads of different techniques that our mothers and grandmothers probably knew, but that have got lost along the way. Yesterday I learnt how to make sourdough, caspian sea yoghurt and bone broths (chicken and fish) as well as learn interesting ways to prepare organ meats that don’t make everyone want to spew. One I am keen to try is getting liver, freezing it and grating it into our mince – I love it in pate, but it’s always been seeing it in the natural form that’s put me off! I’m also looking forward to making some chicken broth in the crockpot over the winter break for some delicious chicken soup lunches 🙂

I don’t know that you’ll ever see me brewing my own kombucha or smearing my bread with lacto-fermented vegetables but this idea of getting back to the cooking basics does intrigue me. It’s all a journey, right?



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  1. That course does sound intriguing and it sounds like you gleaned a lot from it! I often think that there is much to be learned from our grandparents about how they made things work ‘back in the day’. Good luck with the new food adventures!

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