Date Night

Even though we are knuckling down with the savings (to finish paying for our honeymoon, to replace our second car, to try and live on only one income) at the moment, we really want to continue with date night at least once a week to make sure that we get into the habit of putting our relationship in a place of  priority in our lives. So many articles I read show the marriage getting put in second place when children arrive, but we feel that our relationship with each other needs to be strong so that our family can be strong, however many members it may have.

This weekend is busy! I have a meeting and then errands to run on Thursday night, Papa M is hanging out with his dudes on Friday night (and I will enjoy winding down at home at the end of a busy week) and then on Saturday we have a chores and errands to complete before heading out to Bron’s birthday party. Sunday afternoons/evenings are usually the time we use to get prepped for the week ahead and coming up to the end of the school term, I definitely need that time!

In order to get that “us time”, it had to happen tonight! While we’re lucky enough to have a gift certificate to a local restaurant (that they were wonderful enough to give to us when we had our post-wedding brunch ther) to use tonight, I’ve been coming up with a list of low-cost date day/nights for us to do on those weeks where we don’t have a lot of extra cash to spend.

  • Movies using reward points from our credit cards
  • Picnic at a local beach or park
  • Walking into town and having afternoon tea (a lot cheaper than a main meal)
  • Movie night at home – have to get Papa M to watch the original Star Wars trilogy!
  • Bar for a drink – one of our bars has a great open fire place, this seems like a great idea for a winter evening

There are plenty of things we love doing together anyway, like window shopping for our house, coming up with cheap ideas for our rental garden (despite avowing that we weren’t going to do anything to this place, after making our last two houses look better at our expense) and even grocery shopping. Papa M will often hang out near the kitchen when I’m making dinner. That’s great, but it doesn’t beat those times where we intentionally put our relationship and our marriage first.

I don’t just expect to rock up to my job and be awesome at it, I have to have intentions and I have to plan. I created this website with the intention of sharing the sweet (and sometimes bittersweet) parts of life. Why would I assume that I’m going to be an awesome wife without putting in the effort? I’m hoping that planning these date nights with the intention of strenghtening our relationship is going to help us stay strong – and super-awesome of course!

Do you have any tips for cheap date nights?


One thought on “Date Night

  1. I love this post! Date nights are important, otherwise you just end up existing in the same space. I thought of this post I read recently, I thought it might be encouraging.

    Cheap date nights – doing the popcorn/choc-bomb movie night at home *thing*. Sometimes just hanging out on your bed or in a space of the home you don’t usually use can be nice (we did that last night & fell asleep at about 9 lol. Walking to breakfast, for us the beach is a good one in the warmer months. That being said, driving to the beach & just hanging in the car chatting can be nice in Winter.

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