Creating Magic: Lighting lanterns

Creating magic is, to me, an important part of life. Those magic moments often tide us over when times are less sparkly and and create vivid memories that last a lifetime.

This past weekend, Papa M and I were invited to celebrate Miss B‘s birthday party – her last birthday before she deserts these sensational shores for the bright lights of London. The party had a “Roaring Twenties” theme and that was amazing in itself – the upper function room of The Drake loaned itself perfectly to the occasion and almost all the guests (including our sweet selves) were dressed in twenties attire – it was like being transported back in time.

Believe it or not, that wasn’t the most magical part of the evening. A few hours after darkness fell, we went to a nearby park and lit sky lanterns. While the directions on the packet weren’t the clearest and a few mishaps happened (as always do, whilst playing with fire), it was utter magic to release our sky lantern into the air and watch it soar off into the sky. The smile on everyone’s faces was priceless, as was the utter silence as we filed back into the bar – I’m sure the bar staff thought we were so weird!

While we were utterly absorbed in our own little lantern lighting ceremony (and it is a two person job!), I did manage to get a few quick snaps!



Special, right? Thanks Miss B!


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