Loving it! 13.7.12

To encourage more positive thinking in my life, at least once a month I will be posting “Loving It”, a post of all things that make me smile!

♥ Delicious Katy Peary cupcake from Miss Melicious!

♥In fact, just a lovely trip out West with JB and little J as her birthday treat – vanilla tea is so delicious!

♥A hubby who when I bring home cupcakes (after already having one that day) lets me choose the flavor I want most for dessert

♥ This link – fabulously funny for anyone who is into social media

♥ Working with the gorgeous Leah on her new website – Naturally, Leah – check it out! Also, if you need any editing or basic brand  assistance done, contact me!

♥ Gorgeous surprise presents from my wonderful mum

♥ Getting my “monthly” – never something a girl with PCOS would take for granted, and it seems likely that I ovulated last month after stopping the pill. Have purchased some OPKs (Ovulation Predictor Kits) to use next month to make sure that my cycles aren’t annovulatory – more on this in a M is for Mama post!

♥ Hubby finding our French Cafe voucher that got lost in the move – I see some deliciousness in our future

♥ Being able to engage in some secret single behavior (nowhere near as dodgy as it sounds) while Papa M is in Melbourne for work next week!

♥ Having my openness with others rewarded with openness back!


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