Reminiscing: The drive home from the wedding…

One of the beautiful memories we have from our wedding is also the most unexpected. We live semi-rurally and it seems to be very difficult to get decently priced taxi transport from outlying areas (we’ve heard of companies charge you the cost of coming to you as well as well the fare to go to your destination) so we were humming and haa-ing about our options. Serendipitously, I came across a Facebook post (on a local information group) about a driving service called Driving Miss Daisy. We booked them for a very reasonable price to pick us up and drop us off at our bed & breakfast and we were happy with our decision. No luxury limo send-off but it would get us from Point A to Point B.

We got so much more than we expected! Hit play on the video below for the full experience!

The car arrived half an hour before the party wrapped up. After our last dance, we went to collect our stuff and my uncle made a dirty comment about what we were about to get up to on our wedding night. I sassed him with a “Wouldn’t you like to know?” style comment and all our remaining family went “Woooooo!” and the cheer continued on as we went out through the dance floor, all our friends cheering as we left. Pretty perfect send-off seeing that we had nothing planned! We headed out to the car and … wow!

It was just a cute wee car but they had put so much effort into making it special for us.  The first thing we saw as we walked over to the car was that they had decorated it with wedding ribbons and the traditional cans added to the back of the car. Hopping into the car, they had stuck up a sweet little “Just Married” sign and there was a little bottle of bubbles chilling in a miniature ice bucket in the back seats. We popped the cork on the bubbles, filled our glasses and drove up the driveway of the venue with stars shining in through the sun-roof and Bruno Mars’ “Marry Me” playing on the stereo.

It was the perfect romantic end to our evening, even more perfect because it was such a sweet surprise that the owners of the franchise sprung on us. I wouldn’t have swapped this for a limo ride for anything – it was perfect as it was.

Have you ever been surprised by something beautiful?


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