Makes & Bakes: “Made From Scratch” Baking Class #1

I was lucky enough to attend the first “Made From Scratch” baking class with the lovely Rachael last Saturday. I can cook and I can bake but I often find myself doing the same things and one of my goals for this first year of marriage is to stretch myself in the kitchen and learn how to do new things. Serendipitously, Rachael announced the first of her baking classes and after a small date change I found that I could attend.

I’m hesitant to tell you how fabulous it was, because I don’t want you all to beat me into booking into future classes! But it was fabulous. We learnt how to make red velvet cupcakes, a delicious fudgie brownie and lemon curd – none of which I’d baked myself before. I was very excited to pipe icing for the first time on my cupcakes – it’s definitely one of those things that looks incredibly intimidating but is actually not too hard. Rachael is a sweetie, as is her Mum and her gorgeous dog Cora and it just had a delightful, homey afternoon-tea feel.

The lovely Ellie from Jel Photography took pictures and surprised Rachael with this beautiful video of the event… yes, those are my hands cracking eggs in the video (with my awesome shellacked nails – I may never go back to regular nail paint). Check it out and go visit Rachael’s blog or Facebook for more information!



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  1. What a lovely way to spend some time on the weekend! Love your nails too! I love shellac! Xx

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