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On Saturday, with my “french sister” C’s departure date imminent, our family had a delicious get together in town at the Elliott Stables Epicurean Village in the city (usually just called by the abbreviated title of Elliot Stables). Essentially, it is a really amazing food court, but that doesn’t begin to sum up the amazing experience that you receive.

Set in an 1800’s warehouse, off a quiet side-lane right in the centre of the city, the street frontage is relatively unassuming. Entering through the glass doors, it soon opens up into a “marketplace area” full of cobbles and dark woods, somehow managing to be cozy as well as spacious. Around the outside are eleven different restaurants – each restaurant has a limited amount of eating within their store – great if you and your dinner dates are all craving the same type of food as the eateries really do foster a great individual ambience. Most people, however, did what we did and collected menus from each place and sat down to do some rather long-winded decision making on what and where to get our meals.

So how does that work? Like this:

Once you’ve decided what you would like, you just order from the place of your choice and they deliver it to your table – simple, no? Between the seven of us we managed to order lunch from four different restaurants – a Cajun kitchen (currently unlisted on their website), an Italian restaurant, a bruschetteria and a Japanese restaurant (Samurai Sushi – cute name). Papa M went for a Jamaican Jerk Chicken and I went for Southern Fried Chicken – done the proper way! It was amazing. There’s also vegan, wholesome grilled, tapas and more! Some delicious lunch pics:

My youngest sister (who is autistic) was starting to feel a little overwhelmed at this point, so we moved into Delectable Desserts to wind up our lunch with a delicious something sweet – the server/chef was super helpful, helping me to rearrange tables to fit in seven people plus a wheelchair. Dessert was amazing as well – they are all named after famous artists! Papa M’s Cezanne was deliciously banana-flavoured and my Gauguin was all my favorite things – chocolate, more chocolate, strawberry and nuts! So delicious!

The only problem with going is that you’ll never want to go just once! I’m already trying to work out when we’ll have another day to go back and try out more! I think next on my list might be some delicious Mexican! Thanks Elliott Stables for creating some magic for my family on a Saturday lunchtime!

Elliott Stables, 39 Elliott St, Auckland CBD


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  1. I total agree that is a great experience having done lunch there with Sis J and Daughter S on Friday – we had Latin American – yummy

  2. Sounds fantastic!! I love the idea of plates from different restaurants and all the different flavours. I’ll be adding this to our list of places to try very soon xx

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