Loving It 13.8.12

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♥ Flowers – an absolute forest of flowers from my lovely friends!

♥ This fantastic post on the Auckland Food Show by my friends at Baking Makes Things Better – Papa M and I went last year but the timing was not right this year for us to go. Great to see the pictures though!

♥ My new yoga studio – we practice Iyengar yoga and I finally think I’ve found the style of yoga that works best for me!

♥ A wonderful hubby who has been an absolute godsend lately, dealing with my insomnia and lethargy without complaint

♥ Revolutionary thought – marriage is for losers?

♥ This post – I need to learn how to spend chunks of time doing nothing

♥ Cuddles with RJ’s sweet little baby girl… cluck, cluck, cluck

♥ Two peanut-butter flavoured recipes collated by one of my favourite kiwi bloggers – I LOVE peanut butter flavors!

♥ Having the time off work to breathe and work through everything – it’s nice in this rat-race world to be given ample opportunity to actually feel and work through everything.

♥ Divinely timed food deliveries through the organization Baby Angel – coming to the US soon too! Both the venison pie and the lasagna were delicious! Thanks to W for organising this!

♥ And my gorgeous readers – yup, you! Keep doing what you’re doing, liking and sharing my articles with friends if you are liking what you read!


3 thoughts on “Loving It 13.8.12

  1. Thank you for the link!

    I was meant to be at the Food Show actually, helping out at the stand for a sister magazine…but an admin snafu flagged that in the end. I did go last year though for the first time, and it wasn’t quite everything I had hoped for to be honest.

    • We managed to go on the Preview day last year and I think that was a lot better than flocking with the crowds; we also had a set plan, which I think helped.

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