Wishful Thinking: Cyclonic Stick Vacuum

Okay, this is totally going to stick me in the nerdy housewife category, but what I’m seriously lusting after this week is a cyclonic stick vacuum – in particular, one in which you can detach the central part and use it as a dust-buster. I love our regular vacuum cleaner, but since moving to a house with a relatively tight stairwell, it drives me absolutely nutty! I love the fact that with these ones, you can just charge and go – and they are substantially less heavy than our regular vacuum cleaner for lugging up and down stairs.

Yes, that’s right, I’m lusting after one of these beauties:

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I can only imagine that it would become even more useful when we have kids, for doing those spot cleans around all those little messes. Who am I kidding? It would be useful for spot cleaning my messes even now!! This one might have to go on the Christmas wishlist this year.

Are there any household gadgets that you are lusting after?


4 thoughts on “Wishful Thinking: Cyclonic Stick Vacuum

  1. My parents have one of those, it seems pretty handy and I’ve been thinking about getting one. The gadget I’m loving at the moment is my steam mop – much more fun to use than a normal mop. (I’m a little bit concerned for myself that I just described mopping as fun!)

  2. Oh my gosh, the amount of times I have wished for a dust buster since the Little Mister came along! The little spot messes I wish I could quickly clean up when he scatters something or puts his hand in something and I don’t have time to get the whole vacuum out, plug it in, wind my way around 50 things and then finally clean something…
    In saying that, my biggest wish item is a Roomba. We have lots of open tiled space in our house and since the Little Mister started crawling, I just want to turn on a Roomba, go out with him and come back to a smooth, hazard free, clean floor! My husband promises me I’ll get one, but the budget hasn’t really made room lately! I’m still wishing and hoping 🙂

  3. Those vacuums are very handy!
    I’m currently lusting after a kitchen aid mixing bowl & blender! However I think I’ll have to wait until I have a bigger kitchen!

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