Loving It: Ange’s Beauty Biz

Note: This is not a sponsored post. I just think that Ange is an absolute darling and want to share her secrets with the world!

Yesterday evening I was delighted to attend a “Ladies’ Evening” at Ange’s Beauty Biz. Ange and I go way back, attending the same high school, and it makes me so happy to see her business flourishing. Ange’s Beauty Biz is located in the rural outskirts of Auckland, in Clevedon Village. The foodies amongst you would definitely want to make a day of it as there are fabulous food stores and cafe/restaurants both in Clevedon and at the beachfront (about a ten minute drive away) at Maraetai. The beauty salon itself is in a beautiful cottage on the main road of Clevedon, although you’d never guess how close you were to the centre of town once you are inside. Serenity itself, and Angela definitely helps with that!

With my lily white skin, I most often see Angela for a spray tan, so it was very exciting to be invited to an event looking at lines of skin care and make-up that she is introducing to the salon. I arrived after what had been a pretty rough day at work to be handed a glass of bubbles at the door, which immediately put me in a great mood. We filtered through to the main room to get started!

There were three stations in the room and my little group started off with a free skin analysis by a Joyce Blok consultant. My skin has been absolutely haywire lately so I was quite interested to hear what an expert thought was going on. I popped my face into the skin analysis machine (similar to this machine) and looked into the mirror so that I could see what the expert could also see. Contrary to my belief, my skin tends towards dry and this was particularly noticeable around my eyes and mouth. I could also see the underlying pigmentation from sun damage – she said that this was fairly typical of women my age that have grown up in New Zealand. She said that the stress and hormonal changes could be a huge factor in why my skin looked so congested. My personal recommendation was the Essential Neroli range, recommended for sensitive skin.

Next up was an express facial with Angela herself. Here was an opportunity to try the new Joyce Blok anti-aging products – not something I need quite yet (the recommendation is for those age 35 and over) but felt good regardless. Angela likes this brand for the focus it puts on plant-based  solutions to skin care problems. The facial was as delightful as always – despite the unusual hustle and bustle it was very tempting to fall asleep on the table! At the end of the facial my skin felt a lot less congested and this morning I can definitely feel the difference.

The last station was trialling the first make-up brand that Angela has stocked in the salon – Addiction Minerals. I am a HUGE fan of mineral makeup but lately had felt like my current brand was getting clumpier and not settling softly on my skin. Addiction Minerals are hypo-allergenic (and certified vegan, for those of you who are also vegan), paraben free and cruelty free – three things that I find very important in my cosmetics. I also love that the names of the colours are all themed around the general idea of addiction – my eyeliner was After Dark; my eyeshadow, Jackpot blended with Crave; and we finished off with Red Carpet lips. Keen to see the result? Like Sweet Mama M’s Facebook page and check out the Instagram feed! I’ll certainly be taking advantage of the Starter Pack special that Ange is running – $149 for foundation, foundation brush, bronzer and setting powder – this deal basically means that you are getting the foundation for free! If mineral make-up is your cup of tea then you should really check this out!

It was so lovely to be part of this special night in Ange’s salon – not often you get to spoil yourself on a Tuesday evening! If you are looking to have a relaxing experience in a rural setting, try an plant-based skin treatment or experiment with a mineral-based makeup range, get in touch with Angela and set up an appointment. You won’t regret it.

Ange’s Beauty Biz / 9 North Rd, Clevedon, Auckland / Web Site / Facebook


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