Reminiscing – Cake, glorious cake!

I don’t know what it is lately, but cake seems to be continuously in my life. There was a cake sale yesterday at school raising money for Blue September, I’ve been reading all about delicious cakes on blogs and I’ve found a Facebook page of a woman who is extending herself by making new cakes each week – a woman after my own heart as I’m trying to improve my own baking skills!

All of this got me thinking about our wedding cake – one of my most delicious memories, as it happens. Our cake was made by my talented friend Missy, also conveniently a cupcake business owner. First up we had to choose flavours – a grand excuse to buy a whole host of different flavoured cupcakes and try to find the best ones! One particular flavour that both Papa M are enamoured with is the salty sweet flavour of peanut butter and chocolate, so we knew it had to be in there somewhere.

The other thing that we had to decide on was decoration – we’d wanted bright colours as opposed to the typical winter wedding and had settled on jeweled, peacock tones. We’d bought a purple perspex cake topper and decided that we’d leave the rest up to Missy – she has such a flair for design that we knew she’d come up with something awesome. She so did!

Miss Melicious

Stunning, right? What isn’t immediately obvious when you look at the picture is that the top cake has hand-painted peacock feathers on it. Inside that top cake was a beautiful rich chocolate cake with a peanut butter ganache underneath a dark purpley-blue icing. YUM. Papa M has already demanded that we get the exact same cake for his 30th birthday next year, that is how awesome he found the top cake. He isn’t a huge fan of sweet treats but guess who ate most of that top tier cake in the week after our wedding?

Miss Melicious

The other flavours were equally amazing – the cake with the navy blue icing was a delicious chocolate peppermint flavour. The cupcake with green icing was a fruity mango coconut and the teal catered for our vegan guests with a pumpkin chocolate chip – one of our surprisingly good taste-testing discoveries! My favourite flavour had to be the one dressed in purple, however. That was a Bailey’s Baby cupcake that we chose in commemoration of my darling grandma – Bailey’s liqueur infused icing, with a Bailey’s infused centre. Ah-may-zing! Reminiscing about it now STILL makes me salivate!


Col Panna

Sigh… nom.




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