Getting Away: Our international travel bucket list!

When it came time to plan our honeymoon, I’d always had dreams of heading off on a romantic tour of Europe. Papa M, on the other hand, was fairly keen on the United States. Taking a broad look at all our expectations we had for the year ahead, we couldn’t make it work without going into debt and that is one thing that we didn’t want. Holidays are awesome, but only if you can afford to do them! I won’t pretend that a little part of me didn’t mourn the fact that there would be no eating croissants in the shadow of the Eiffel Tower, but we worked out a way to move past it.

I made Papa M promise me that we will have that romantic holiday in Europe and we won’t wait a lifetime to get there – we’ll make it a priority in the next five-ten years. At some point, we’ll leave the (future) kids with their loving aunties and uncles and we will go off for two weeks and do it. I know that some people will be shocked that we’d think to leave them behind but we’re of the firm belief that to be great parents you need to be a great couple; a romantic trip to Europe will probably be just what we need after having two toddlers!

So what else is on our travel bucket list?

♥ Samoa – locked and loaded for January 2013 (!!)

♥ United States – California, Nevada, New York, Hawaii

♥ Europe – London, Germany, Italy, France

♥ Japan – the culture just intrigues me, and I can’t explain why

♥ Australia – Melbourne being our first priority!

♥ Rarotonga – this should be relatively easy to swing, there are many deals heading there from NZ. I’m hoping one of our friends decides to get married over there, it would be a great reason to travel there!

♥ A French Polynesian island – not particularly fussed which one, and considering doing this as a cruise holiday when we have little ones if we can swing it financially

♥ Canada – Papa M wants to see Vancouver in particular but the francophile in me would also love to see Quebec

♥ Thailand – Papa M has only recently come around to this one, but I’d definitely love to go 🙂

♥ Dubai – can probably swing this as a stop-over when we head to Europe, it intrigues us because it seems so different.

There are other places that would be really neat to see, but they aren’t must sees. Having this down in concrete really makes us feel positive that we’ll be able to tick all those places off on our list in the next 20 or so years – and we won’t even be 50 yet, hee hee hee. What really intrigues me is that even though our Samoan summer honeymoon wasn’t quite what we wanted, it turned out to be, in this season, exactly what we need 😀 What are some places that you would really love to see?


7 thoughts on “Getting Away: Our international travel bucket list!

  1. Western Europe! The US! Canada (Vancouver, maybe Toronto/Quebec). SE Asia – Vietnam, Thailand, Hong Kong. In the Pacific – Niue, Vanuatu, Tahiti. The list goes on…

  2. So many amazing sounding places on your list!
    Mine are similar but also include places in South America, getting back to Argentina would be awesome and I’ve had a bit of an obsession with Bolivia & Peru lately though so they are my current travel lusts.

  3. My list includes:
    France, Italy, Spain, Portugal, Greece, London, New York, San Francisco, Montreal & Quebec in the summertime (I visited in the middle of winter & it’s was amazing but I definitely want to see it in warmer weather!), Laos, Vietnam, Thailand, Sumatra, Dubai, India, morocco and Mauritius! In Australia I really want to go to Byron bay & the northern territory and drive from Perth to Broome to stop in all of the seaside towns & to go swimming with whale sharks!
    Just a small list!
    You two would love Canada!

  4. It’s good to dream but getting your dreams into motion is the hard bit. Great that you have dates for some of these actions – it makes them all the more achievable!

    You know, what you’ve actually got would make for one sweet round the world trip! Stop in the islands on the way to the US and Canada, hop over to Europe then down to Dubai and onto Thailand, stopping in Melbourne on the way home….. Just throwing it out there!

  5. Oh what a great list! I studied abroad in Thailand when I was in college, and i absolutely FELL IN LOVE with the place. I’d definitely recommend hitting up any of the Koh’s (the southern islands) or Chaing Mai for the city feel. Bangkok’s overdone. 🙂

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