A future full of bliss… the 2015 edition

One of my favourite down-time things to do at the moment is sit and envisage what I hope my life looks like, just a few short years from now. After reading a lot lately on having lists and vision-boarding, I decided to make my dreams a little more concrete by putting them down on paper! So here is what my life looks like, three years in the future:

♥ Still with Papa M, of course, and having a healthy, thriving marriage

♥One baby, maybe two (we’d like two/three children and I’d be thirty at this point) and being a Montessori mama

♥ Oddly enough, not necessarily living in a different place than we are now. If you could get frequent flyer miles for moving houses, I’d be doing well. In the last ten years I’ve moved eleven times, but I really enjoy the town and area that we are living in and can only see us moving in the next three years if rent rises suddenly made it prohibitive for us to want to say

♥ In the same vein, more neighbour friends. Not necessarily the people we live immediately next to, but more people that we can hang out with in our own neck of the woods, the kind you can pop around and borrow sugar off 😀 I’m hoping that this happens more as we have children and become part of that aspect of community in our own town

♥ Being a Work-At-Home-Mum (WAHM): this occupies a lot of my day-dreaming time. While our plan is to live on Papa M’s income alone, being able to bring in some form of income will give us fun money in order to do those things we love! While I already run a side-business in organisation and planning, I’m thinking of bringing in a diversified arm of this business… more on that later in a M is for Mama post!

♥ On that note, financially stable – not that we’re not now, but hoping that it stays that way! The ultimate dream would be for our financial situation to actually improve

♥ Healthy! Having finally kicked out those last eight stubborn kilos and toned up after baby weight. Less reliant on caffeine and sugar to boost me along on rough days

♥ A fabulous, intentionally curated wardrobe. I’ve taken the first steps towards doing this – brutally culling items out of my chest of drawers, although I still have my wardrobe and accessories to go

♥ Continuing to create communities – I’ve created a community in “the real world” centred around themed meals, but in essence what this does is give us time to come together as women and share our challenges and our triumphs. I’m also passionate about creating a digital community, in particular showcasing some of the amazing talent we have in our NZ online community

♥ Having ticked three destinations off our international travel bucket list – Samoa, Australia and either Rarotonga or French Polynesia, in all likelihood being the easiest ones to tick off the list!

♥ Having ticked two destinations off our domestic travel bucket list – the Malborough region (tentatively booked in for March 2014, my uncle’s 60th birthday) and Queenstown! Trips to both Wellington and Christchurch also ticked off the list – so many special people in both towns but they require a little more planning to get to 🙂

Looking at that, I’m sure that there will be more I will want to add as life moves on – at the moment though, it all looks totally possible! I know that there’s a saying about making plans and God laughing, but I hope that He can understand how much I want all of this to happen and come through for me! What’s your 3-year plan? I’d love to know.


One thought on “A future full of bliss… the 2015 edition

  1. I love your positive outlook and I hope all your visions of the future come true 🙂
    Three years from now? Wow, I think I would like to have just given birth to a second bubba (don’t tell my IRL friends or inlaws – they’ll start the countdown for goodness sakes), I hope my relationship is healthy and strong (we’ve endured some bumps in the road but we’re working hard on things), and it’s a small dream but I hope my blog has a nice, big, loyal following (although I am thankful for the ones I have now)! x

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