Loving It! 12.9.12

First of all, I’m loving how palindromic that date looks!

♥ The moments at work that make me laugh. I’m finding the old day job pretty rough at the moment but I can guarantee that at least once a day, a student will make me laugh. I had my Year 9 (12-13 year olds) class doing a pop quiz on slogans and had a group struggling on one particular question. I said “Oooh, you should be able to guess that one, I know what it is” and my student turned round and said “Yeah…but how old are you???”. So old!

♥ Ever wondered what a modern-day Disney Princess would wear? Wonder no longer.

♥ Love colors? Then you will love the Shades of Change installation by Marin Dearie.

♥ Having a husband who is committed to making our marriage a fabulous one!

♥ I never really thought of the fact that some of the keepsakes we hold onto are negative or neutral – here’s a good way to decide what to do with those ones you’d rather not cherish!

♥ Spending time with family – I’m very lucky to have some great cousins and aunts 🙂 It included some gorgeous walks along the beach at Mount Maunganui:

♥ We like the idea of raising our kids with the Montessori approach – this article explains a lot of our thoughts behind our choice.

♥ I’m trying to cut back on my gluten intake – this breakfast by Tink Simplicity really had me thinking outside of the breakfast box I seem to have found myself in!

♥ Booking flights to Christchurch for my cousin B’s engagement party & arranging to meet up with the lovely Bridey!

♥ School holidays are only two and a half weeks away! I need this two week break like you cannot believe!

What are you loving this week?


2 thoughts on “Loving It! 12.9.12

  1. THis is so great! I love posts like this, especially when we’re dragging at our “day jobs”. I have been really discouraged at mine lately and it’s so important to remember the things that we love about it!

    • Awww thanks honey! I’ve also made my form class start doing yoga with me in homeroom, anything to make it a bit more bearable 🙂

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