Reminiscing: A flower-free wedding

Getting married in the middle definitely had some bonuses. People were really excited to come out of hibernation to celebrate our special day and we made some significant savings by not getting married in peak season. The one thing that was vastly more expensive to organize in winter was flowers, to the point where we just couldn’t justify the cost for what we would be getting. I wasn’t feeling the silk flowers idea so we had to come up with alternatives. I think it all pulled together really well.


Instead of a bouquet, I carried a bible down the aisle. I handed this off to my parents at the end of the aisle and my mum used it for her bible reading. I got to hold my wonderful husband’s hands throughout the wedding service and then picked it up again when walking back up the aisle. It has a gorgeous section at the front of the bible to reflect on the experiences of the day. Total win!

Bridesmaid Bouquets:

To go with the wintery theme, I bought some gold crackle mosaic lanterns and placed little LED lights in them. The colour was a definite contrast to the girls’ blue dresses – it was very cute. The only downside to these were that they actually showed very little light so we weren’t able to get a couple of cool night shots that we’d planned. They were definitely passable and I’m glad we went for the lanterns as our alternative, they just weren’t the perfection I had in mind.


This was by no means an out-there alternative but we went for the simple adornment of a pocket-square for all men of the wedding party. Papa M had a silver pocket square, the groomsmen had royal blue to match the bridesmaid dresses and my father had a metallic charcoal pocket square. The mums didn’t require any adornment – they both had gorgeous decorative jackets and any floral attachment would have ruined the glam look!

Table Arrangements:

This required a little more thought. There are so many fabulous non-floral centrepieces on the internet, but which one would be right for us. I started tossing round our themes in my head – peacock colors, winter & fun. In a burst of inspiration, I came up with our yarn pom-pom centerpieces. I’m not going to lie to you, they were a heck of a lot of work. I outsourced some of the pom-pom making to my family and my bridesmaids, I think cousin-in-law JeF may have even been conned into making a few. Then it was mad hot glue gunning time to get them complete, which was not without injuries & a look of horror from my colleagues when I arrived at work the week before my wedding with a big bandage round my burnt finger! Around these centrepieces we scattered little brass vases and craft poms. The craft poms were a particular hit – Papa M’s cousin AnN made me a bracelet out of them using her emergency sewing kit and we saw a particularly competitive competition of “flick the pom into the water glass” at one point during the night!

All in all, I was SO happy with the way that our choices worked out. I don’t think anyone even really noticed that we didn’t have flowers – we’ve certainly had nothing but compliments! Did you choose any alternative decor for your wedding or special event?

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  1. Oh wow, when I saw your photos I never even realised that you didn’t have flowers! What cool alternatives, I LOVE the pom poms (and it looks like they were worth the blood sweat and…burns!). The lanterns are so sweet too!

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