Those songs I can’t get out of my head: 17.9.12

These are the songs I can’t get out of my head and through this post, I hope to put them in yours!

I first heard this on our local hip-hop and R&B station and thought “Eh, that will never take off”… haha, shame on me! A couple of weeks later I had to address that yelling out “Gangnam Style” is fun, but not when I’m reading out the daily notices! For a song in which I don’t understand a lot of lyrics, it is DAMN catchy!

A few weeks ago, New Zealand held what was basically a telethon, raising money for research into eradicating childhood illnesses. It was highly successful and I think that was largely due to the charity song created by NZ’s own “Flight of the Conchords” – the first time I heard it, I literally snorted with laughter. Do not drink anything while watching this video!

Heading into summer (well, maybe that’s a little bit of wishful thinking), I’m starting to feel the summer music vibe! These three songs give me that “driving along the beach roads in the sun” vibe and the best thing is that they are NZ artists – supporting local music for the win!

Six60 – Forever

Six60 – Don’t Forget Your Roots

Swiss – Blue Bayou

Am I making you kiwi expats homesick yet? What are some other “earworms” of yours should I be listening to?