Follow Me: The Email Edition

I’ve noticed that I’m getting a few hits per day from people who are googling “Sweet Mama M” to get to my lovely home on the internet! Over the next few weeks I’ll be publishing some posts letting you know all the ways that you can connect to Sweet Mama M, making it so much easier for you to find out when there is something new!

Subscribing by Email

You may be relatively new to the world of blogs (trust me, we’ll suck you in) or you might be someone who only pops online once-a-day to check your emails. You may not be a fan of social media or you might want to have something fun to read at work and only have very limited online access. There are a whole host of reasons why email subscription might be the right one for you!

The cons of email subscription are that you may sometimes have to click through to the post to get the full experience of a blog post, especially if it involves multimedia functions, you may need to check your junk mail initially (depending on the severity of the filter of your provider) and add as a “safe sender” and if you have large amounts of emails arriving daily the email may be hard to find.

To the side of this post, you will see a heading “Or get the sweetness to your inbox” – this is the email subscription function! It will have the following text below:

Enter your email address to follow this blog and receive notifications of new sweetness by email.

Enter your preferred email address into the box below this and click the little button that says “Sweet!”

You should see a pop-up at the bottom right of the page saying:

Thank you for following Sweet Mama M. We sent you a confirmation email.

It will also have links to Twitter and Facebook but we’ll cover those in vastly greater detail in future posts. If you have pop-ups disabled on your computer, you may not see this but the email has still been sent. All you now need to do is log in to your email provider and click the confirmation link. You’re sorted!

Simple as pie? Almost. Stay tuned for next week when we dive into the interesting world of Facebook!


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