Creating Magic: A truly magical Harry Potter Party!

Just over a week ago I was lucky enough to attend the 11th birthday party of the daughter of my dear friend Wendy. As those of you who are Harry Potter fans will know, the age of eleven is very significant as it is the age when you may first be admitted to Hogwarts. It was a fabulous party and everyone dressed in theme – I went as a Beauxbatons girl, which you can see on my Instagram stream on the Sweet Mama M Facebook page. Check out the magic below!

All pictures sourced from: Fiona Tomlinson Photography

As you can see, Wendy did an amazing job with the decor – potions class was all neatly set up, the grand hall had candles rigged from the ceiling, we had fun and games in the “great forest” and Honeydukes was set up in a corner of the lounge for all the little wizards to take treats home. They were all so cute in their little capes and house colours & I wish I could show you but I make a point never to feature photos of children on the blog without their parents’ explicit permission! We had a potions class with frothing cauldrons and patronus conjuring, a fortune telling class where water changed colour to tell us our futures and an animal husbandry class – also known as pin the horn on the unicorn! Ron Weasley, Lucius Malfoy, Sirius Black, Professor McGonagall & Dumbledore all made appearances, as did Hedwig the owl (delivering the admittance letter to the birthday girl) and Hagrid & Fang! The food was amazing – while not shown, my favourites had to be the pumpkin pasties and the cockroach clusters! A truly magical day that the birthday girl will remember always!

Are there any amazing parties from your childhood that you remember vividly?