Follow Me: The Facebook Edition

I’ve noticed that I’m getting a few hits per day from people who are googling “Sweet Mama M” to get to my lovely home on the internet! Over the next few weeks I’ll be publishing some posts letting you know all the ways that you can connect to Sweet Mama M, making it so much easier for you to find out when there is something new!

Subscribing through Facebook

You may be relatively new to the world of blogs or you might be interested in looking at the photos I take during real time – the only place to access my Instagram feed (other than through the Instagram app) is on the Sweet Mama M Facebook page. You may be a huge fan of social media or your primary access to most articles is through a Facebook app on a smartphone of tablet. You may like the little mini-posts that I use Facebook for! There are a whole host of reasons why Facebook subscription might be the right one for you!

The cons of Facebook subscription are that you will need a Facebook account (yes, I know some of you dear readers don’t have them!), you need to click through to the post to actually get to read the article & with Facebook’s ever-evolving timeline and list changes, you may not get to see every post. From a back-end page perspective, I can see that not every person who has liked the page gets to see every post – Facebook now uses some fancy equations to work out what to show in your timeline. To beat these alogorithms, make sure that you comment (& even post) on the Sweet Mama M page about things that you think might interest other readers! That is the way Facebook will recognise that the page is important to you and show it in your timeline more often!

So how do you like Sweet Mama M on Facebook? It’s pretty easy! You can either click “Like” on the Facebook widget just to the side of the page or you can click this link here and be taken through to the Facebook page where you can like the page directly.

Even if you use another method of subscription, I think following on Facebook gives you a little bit of added value – I post pics and other interesting tidbits that you would miss out on by following the blog alone. I hope to see more of you over there at my little FB home!

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