September in Pictures

Being the Apple fan that I am (jokingly called an iWhore), I always have my iPhone and/or iPod on me to capture those little moments that make me smile. You can keep up to date with these on my live feed on the Sweet Mama M Facebook page, or once a month you can see the best of them here!

October already? Oh my goodness. While I am excited that we are creeping ever closer to Christmas, it does make me wonder how nine months of the year have slipped through our fingers. In an effort to consciously reflect on each month as it passes, I’ve decided to reflect on each month through the photographs I take through the Instagram app. I hope you enjoy – explanations after the pics!

Explanations (L-R, top to bottom)

  1. Sun sparkling off Mt Maunganui Beach waters
  2. Farmers’ Market at a Tauranga school
  3. View of the water from Blue Cafe & Restaurant, Mt Maunganui (very busy carpark!)
  4. Spying on shoppers from upstairs at mall cinema
  5. Delicious hibiscus-based tea at Harry Potter Party
  6. Spoilt baby, gorgeous bunting and slushy machine at ElW’s baby shower!
  7. Ghetto Coke can – randomly pulled this one out of the chiller
  8. Hospital, visiting sister who broke two vertebrae (don’t worry, she’s on the mend!)
  9. Clever piece of direct marketing from New World supermarket (marketing nerd in me loves this)
  10. Hedwig about to deliver a Hogwarts acceptance letter at Harry Potter Party
  11. Marking – a necessary evil… sigh
  12. Hagrid and a ginormous Fang at Harry Potter Party
  13. Candles suspended in the Great Hall at Harry Potter Party
  14. Blue shellacked nails – still loving the shellac!
  15. Rock stairs (more like a ladder) that I clambered up to get a fantastic view of my home town (don’t think my boots will ever be the same though!)
  16. The Grill for MaC & JuA’s 30th birthdays
  17. Gorgeous cutlery at The Grill
  18. Gorgeous little baby feet, curled up just like her mummy ReJ
  19. View of the Mount, early morning beach walk with SaF
  20. Coaster at an Irish Bar – no Guiness for me please!
  21. Favourite photo this month – gorgeous wildflowers in bloom at the beach

I hope that your September had some beautiful moments too! If you also do a monthly photo recap, let me know in the comments below!


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