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I’ve noticed that I’m getting a few hits per day from people who are googling “Sweet Mama M” to get to my lovely home on the internet! Over the past few weeks I’ve published some posts letting you know all the ways that you can connect to Sweet Mama M, making it so much easier for you to find out when there is something new!

It’s time for the end of our month-long Follow Me series and today we are discussing RSS. RSS stands for “Really Simple Syndication” and we love things being really simple to do around here! I first cottoned on to RSS feeds about six months after starting my own blog and it was like *bling-k* light switched on! It makes it so much easier to avoid missing out on posts from your favourite blog *ahem*. I can see that some of you lovely ladies already follow via RSS, so you can take a break from reading – see you back here Monday!

So on this blog (and other websites you may look at) you see a button that looks like this:

Yup, there it is, just up there on the right side of the page. Never knew what it meant? You’re about to find out.

An RSS Reader is basically like having your own personal newspaper delivered to your doorstep each morning/evening/whenever you look. Once you have subscribed to a blog, the posts for each blog will automatically pop up in your reader and be collected there for you to read at your convenience – this is definitely an advantage! Both Twitter and Facebook rely on timelines and can be a little “blink and you miss it at times” – you will never miss a blog post if you use a RSS reader! The downside of that can be that you’ll never miss a blog post – coming home from a week away to 555 blog posts (I subscribe to A LOT of blogs) – you can quite easily mark as read and start from scratch, if that is the case.

I use Google Reader on my laptop which looks like this:

And I use Perfect RSS Reader on my iPad which looks like this:

There are many different RSS readers that you can use, but in the interests of simplifying, we’ll talk about Google Reader. Almost everyone has a Gmail address and if you have one, you are absolutely set! To access the Reader section of your Google account, simply click on or copy and paste the following into your address bar:

That will bring up the log-in page. On this page you also have the option to take a tour (bottom left of the page) – this is incredibly helpful to learn all the bonus features of this reader! On the right, you have the log-in area – use the same email address and password as your Gmail account.

Once you’re in, you can find the subscribe button in the top left side of the page – if you click this, you can add any website with a “feed” – updated posts – by posting the web address in the box available. This will add it to your Reader! Now whenever the website posts another blog post, you will find it in your reader!

The other way to add blogs to your reader was referred to earlier. Remember that little symbol?

If you see that on a blog, click it. If your blogger has set it up right, that button will lead you through to a screen where you can add it to your reader! Just click the +Google button and it will add it to your reader 🙂

Top Tips:

  • I have my reader set as my home screen when I open up my internet browser so I can immediately see who has updated
  • I use lists that you are able to create within Google Reader in order to prioritise my reading
  • Don’t be afraid to do “culls” of the sites you follow every once-in-a-while – what was applicable to you six months ago may not be applicable to you now.

Mind blown, right? Mine was the first time I discovered this! I’d love to know if it helped you 🙂


2 thoughts on “Follow Me: The RSS edition

  1. Hi, I have popped over from your mama’s blog. I like your log. I thought I wld give RSS a whirl as it did seem easy… I downloaded the reader app, but I can’t get it to then pickup your feed. Help?

    • Hi Nicci, it’s definitely easier if you start with Google Reader – you can then import your Google Reader subscriptions into the Perfect RSS app.

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