Loving It 17.10.12

♥ First of all, welcome to all my new readers that found me through my exposure on Freshly Pressed! While it is super-awesome to be able to have that cute little badge on the right there, what’s even better is all the exposure I got for a charity very dear to my heart, Shocking Pink. I hope you love my little home on the web! If you like Sweet Mama M on Facebook, you can also get access to my Instagram feed and mini-posts!

♥ These illustrations by Ann Shen – bad girls throughout history (via Creature Comforts):

♥ Gift shopping – have just ordered three sweet little gifts for three soon-to-be mamas, am so excited for their little ones to arrive. I’m also 80% done with Christmas shopping – don’t hate me!

♥ Who doesn’t love awkward gifs? 15 Ways to Get Past an Awkward Moment

♥ Husbands who make you “peace treaty” chocolate soufflés – cutie!

Sick days have never looked so sexy

♥ I’ve been shopping for furniture for the house and got some fanastic deals at nood – my favorite thing is that when you join their loyalty club you become a noodist!

♥ I’m a compulsive researcher and this timeline of a breast-fed baby is the closest I’ve found to an instruction manual (bearing in mind that in that situation, there IS no norm) for what is potentially the most confusing time in a young mum’s life

♥ After so many dramas (postponements due to Mum passing away and serious botch-ups by our travel agent), we finally have sorted our honeymoon – luxury resorts in Samoa, yes please! Can’t wait – only about 10 weeks away now!

What are you loving this week?



2 thoughts on “Loving It 17.10.12

  1. Congratulations on being Freshly Pressed! I haven’t managed that yet – it’s a bit of a dream 😛

    And SO glad you are finally going to get your honeymoon. You guys deserve it.

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