What shall we do with a free day?

I can now reveal that we stayed in our hometown for the long weekend as we were attending a surprise farewell dinner for Mary, a gorgeous blogger who is moving back to the States. It was a fabulous night of mongolian barbecue, fail-muffins (check out my Instagram feed) and laughs and we look forward to seeing them back in our neck of the woods for visits. Papa M has already started talking about checking out an NBA game when we visit them – haha, we’ll wait and see how quickly we can make that happen with all our other goals!

I’m glad that we had such an awesome day out on Saturday – we also took in a movie (Taken 2) and drove out to see the airport at night – because I woke up yesterday with a head cold! Boo! Yesterday was very quiet – I made what I call a couch nest and spent the day reading (The Ask and the Answer by Patrick Ness) and sneezing and watching 27 Dresses on the television in the evening. Papa M was an absolute star – he can’t really cook at all but he went out to get me nice spicy food to help clear my sinuses!

All of this led me to think, what do we usually do with a free day? Not necessarily a weekend day but one of those random long weekend days, or an unexpected day off? I came up with the following list of ways we use our free day – for work and for fun!

  • Landscaping our garden – we live in a rental but coming from two green-thumb families means that we just can’t help ourselves. My grandmother used to own a show garden and my bent is much more for big picture landscaping – I just managed to score some free river stones and spent the afternoon installing them in the garden. Papa M’s parents are horticulturists and he’s much more patient about the propagation side of things.  We’ve just been trialing the UrbanGrow system – more on that soon!
  • Dealing to those nitty-gritty chores – wiping down window sills, scrubbing bathrooms with cream cleanser – stuff that we probably should get onto much more often than we do, but we run out of time!
  • Personal maintenance – while I try and do a face mask every weekend at the moment (my skin is CRAZY), a free day is a day in which I can take my time with it, not feeling that I have to rush.
  • Blog admin – I will admit, I tend to use at least part of a free day on blog admin stuff. I’ll edit some photos, get a few of my posts in the chute so that there’s less stress during the week to get them done, check and reply to comments.
  • Go exploring! One of the things that Papa M and I love to do, partially because we only moved to our town six months ago, is just to go for walks and drives and see where we end up. It’s so fun discovering things in your own back yard!
  • Hanging out with friends – on a long weekend that incorporates a public holiday, why not make use of the fact that almost everyone has the day off? Coming into the summer season, we definitely hope to have more barbecues and a “free day” is a perfect day to get everyone round for a catch-up.
  • Shopping – while work places may be closed, the malls are usually open. At this time of year, we have a few gifts still to get for Christmas (hoping to be done by mid-November), so it’s a great opportunity to get some of the gift check-list ticked off – and a pedicure too!
  • Baking! I love to bake, but I often struggle to fit complex recipes in during the week. A free day is the perfect time to trial those more complicated recipes.
  • Hiking – off the cards at the moment as Papa M has wrecked his knee, but we’re lucky to have several great bush walks within an hour’s drive of our place and it’s great to get out and amongst nature.
  • Go to the beach! We’re so lucky in New Zealand that almost everywhere is within a couple of hours drive of a beach or harbor! Whether it’s just going for a stroll on the wild West Coast beaches or taking a dip in calmer waters, we’re definitely a beach going nation.
  • Day-tripping it – we often think of only visiting other cities on a weekender basis, but there are three great cities that we can day-trip to, enjoying getting out of the big smoke and driving through the country-side! I will admit that most of these day-trips are due to the fabulous restaurants in these cities – what can I say, Papa M and I are foodies!

What are your favourite things to do with a free day? Let me know in the comments below.


4 thoughts on “What shall we do with a free day?

  1. Haha the first thing that came to mind was “take turns sleeping” haha. Can you tell we have an 11 month old?!
    Seriously though, we tend to go walking – either around the neighbourhood (we have beach one side of us and estuary the other – awesome walking scenery). It’s great exercise, gets us, a dog or two and the Little Mister out of the house for a while and it makes us feel good!
    Because my husband does shift work and I am a stay at home mum, days off and days not off seem to have a blurred effect, so sometimes we have to make a point of creating a proper day off just for fun and relaxation.

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