Loving It: Rose & Thorne Fit Studio, Auckland CBD

This is not a sponsored post. A couple of weeks ago I found myself heading into the city at relatively short notice. I’d been tweeting with Rose & Thorne’s social media guru, Anya, for quite some time about needing a fitting and she was luckily able to squeeze me in. This is about that fitting.

I have to admit that I was a little bit apprehensive about driving my car into the city for this appointment. Rose and Thorne is based one street over from a major city street and I thought that parking might be a nightmare. Anya assured me that there was street parking and a parking building also on Cross St, so I decided to risk it. To my surprise, I found a street park almost directly opposite. Win!

I entered the shop and immediately took in the great decor – they really have done a fabulous job decorating such a small space. Anya and the fit guru, Ali, welcomed me and offered me a drink. I had a little roam around the show room before popping into the beautiful fitting area (I’m a softie for beautifully lush gauzey curtains) for my fitting.

I haven’t had a fitting since I lost over fifteen kilos a year ago and for the last wee while I’ve basically just been guessing. Ali put me totally at ease – I’m still very body-conscious and it’s a big deal for me to be standing round in just a bra on my top half but she made it feel like the most normal thing in the world. Upon putting on the first bra in my correct size (and no, you don’t get to know what that is!), I immediately felt the difference in support from the bras I had been previously wearing. What I like about Rose & Thorne is that they actually make different bras for different types of breasts – for example, my ample bosom has no need of the additional padding of a “Perky Power”! I think it’s unrealistic to expect that a bra that suits a 10A cup will also suit an 18DD, and luckily they make ALL of their bras is cute color & material combinations – no nana bras here!

We then spent at LEAST another half an hour trying on different bra types and styles, then matching bras to knickers for a total of three great sets!

  1. Navy Blue Betty Boobs bra (great for fuller bust, with great side control giving good cleavage) with Night Owl lacy short knickers – I was super-surprised, having had horrific lace knicker experience in the past, how soft and comfortable these were.
  2. Black Curvy Licious bra (gentle lift to give you a fabulous cleavage and show off your assets) with Smooth Operator knickers – the rear rise in these panties were perfect for this bootilicious girl!
  3. Purple Smooth Operator bra (smooth, no nipple show, plenty of coverage, multiway) with Smooth Operator knickers – I think this may be my favourite bra of the lot. I’ve never met a multiway bra I liked until now!

The best part? All together, three bras and three pairs of panties cost me $106 – usually that might get me ONE set, emphasis on the might.

Keen to try them out yourself but can’t get in to the city? Their website has a Shape Selector so you can work out the best bra style for you! They also operate on a forgiving fit system, meaning that even if you are a cup size or a band size out when fitting yourself, the bra should be a comfortable fit for you – the technology is kind of fascinating and it’s definitely worth a read. It would certainly make me a lot more comfortable about buying a bra online! Currently they have some sizes in an E cup but are working to expand their DD-G range, using REAL fit models to ensure a great fit. Once you know what you like, many of the bras are also available at The Warehouse department stores.

Rose & Thorne / 29 Cross St, Auckland CBD / Facebook / Website


4 thoughts on “Loving It: Rose & Thorne Fit Studio, Auckland CBD

  1. Sounds like a great service!! Especially if you’ve had a lot of body shape changes. I have to get myself fitted just about every time I buy new bras, because my body has changed so much since pregnancy, breastfeeding and the part after breastfeeding when your boobs disappear haha. I used to be embarrassed too, but now I realise that it’s important to get the right size so it’s just something we need to do for ourselves 🙂

  2. That’s really good – REALLY good – for three full sets of bra + knickers. I’m terrified to go get fitted again, even though I need to, because I don’t want to fork things out for temporary sizing.. but that’s really tempting..

  3. Thanks for this. I first heard of them a few months ago, shortly after I arrived in NZ, and am really curious to try them. It will be good to find a good bra for a change! The reviews are always positive and with such great prices, it’s completely worth the try. I would quite like to go and get fitted first, just to make sure I’d choose the right size. I have never done that before…

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