M is for Mama: B is for Baby Fever

I’m not afraid to say it – I am a woman with baby fever – also known as being clucky or baby rabies, although I think that last one sounds awful! I’ve always wanted to be a mother some day but I can safely say that the “fever” has only kicked in over the last year and a half. All of a sudden it feels like EVERYONE is having babies… I know this isn’t the case but with three friends having had or having babies in the months of October and November, it seems kind of crazy! Not to mention the baby shower at work in two weeks time for the other two work colleagues that got married this year – honeymoon babies for both of them!

In some ways this is great because I can satisfy my urge to buy cute little outfits, toys, etc, by buying them for my friends and their children – Little J is scoring an awesome first birthday present for this very reason! I get to cuddle lots of newborn babies and see their cute milk-drunk faces and gain lots of knowledge about the different things that have worked for different parents. In some ways this can be awful because I feel like I learn a lot of useful information but then can’t share it – I can’t imagine many mamas want advice from someone who hasn’t “been there, done that”. And there’s that small part of me that hears the pregnancy announcement and thinks “Why can’t that be me?”.

I, of course, know why it can’t be me. We made the decision together not to try yet – to focus on health and to let things go back to normal after a crazy year. I know with my PCOS that trying doesn’t necessarily mean that it will happen. I totally respect all those women who are trying and struggling with infertility – I think that takes a huge amount of strength and I know that after the full-on year we’ve had, that’s strength I just don’t have right now. I understand wanting to get our financial ducks in a row – my head gets it all. My heart struggles with it, and that’s the part that sucks.

I’ve coped with baby fever as a chronic condition and I think I’ve managed to keep it largely under control. I can’t wait, however, until the Mama in my name stands for more than just the care that I offer to my friends. Is there anyone out there also suffering from the baby rabies (nope, still can’t handle the name) and willing to own up to it?



3 thoughts on “M is for Mama: B is for Baby Fever

  1. I totally have baby fever! Lots of friends with little ones the same age as Max have just had number two or are expecting again. We’d originally planned for a 2-2 1/2 year age gap but with how crazy life has been this year we have had to put it off for at least another year maybe more… Oh well, lots of little ones around to cuddle and the tales of sleep deprivation and sore boobs make me cherish all the unbroken sleep and having my body as my own that much more 😉

  2. Kinda similar, but not quite the same – I have engagement fever. I even admitted it to the other half on Saturday when two more close friends of ours announced their engagement. I said “I’m so stoked for them, I’m really happy – but part of me is kinda bummed its not me”. It’s not anything against the bf – we have our reasons (mainly financial and it just not being the right time) but it doesn’t make the want any less. I’m not quite at the baby stage but I feel the exact same pull you have described above!

  3. I had baby fever pretty bad for about six months before getting pregnant, the waiting was hard! And suddenly everyone else seems to be getting pregnant/having babies too! It was worth waiting to get our ducks in a row though, it’s made things easier now.

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