On life at the moment…

After staying up until 1:30am last night (this morning?) to mark assessments, my thoughts are all over the place. Ergo, I thought it would be a great idea to collect those scrambled thoughts in one blog post about where I am right now.

  • Feeling tired – not just physically tired because of the late night, but tired of the constant stress of assessments. It’s wearing me down.
  • Looking forward to another baby shower this weekend – you’d think I’d be over it already but I love seeing all the neat little presents that my mama friends receive
  • Lucky to have a husband that is willing to prepare meals, even if they are the type that comes out of a packet! Thank goodness for gourmet soups, love Pitango!
  • Worrying about what to do for New Years! Many of our friends are going away to Great Barrier Island for New Years but due to logistics, we’re not able to go. It might be a pretty lonely NYE for the M household!
  • Craving a pie – my students, for some reason, have all been talking about different flavours of pie. I’m being good though, fruit salad and a muesli bar for lunch
  • Grateful for my work colleagues, HeR and JeN who have been awesome at stepping into breaches and helping me out with things.
  • Frustrated that given the amount of effort I’m putting into some things, some people are seriously dropping the ball. It’s not THAT hard, mystery people!
  • Wearing light scarves – the perfect accompaniment to a wild, NZ spring outfit. Particularly chuffed with going outside my comfort zone today with a silk square scarf, looks very continental Europe 🙂
  • Counting down the days until the end of term, until Christmas & until our honeymoon – the first because I seriously need a lengthy break, the second because I am a Christmas nut and the third because I cannot wait to curl up on a tropical beach with my honey!
  • Trying to be less selfless and more selfish – I know this is a bit against the norm, but I’ve been bad at consistently making a rod for my own back by not saying no, not taking my own needs into account. I’m claiming back a little bit of me time – something I think more of us can do.

So that’s life for me at the moment. How’s life for you?


One thought on “On life at the moment…

  1. I love your last one hun, sometimes we need to regroup and put ourselves first! At the moment I am feeling relieved that my study is over, excited for my trip at the end of the year and slightly frustrated that the new b/f is so damn far away.

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