October in Pictures

Wow, you can tell a month has been crazy busy when you only have five photos to show at the end of it! And publish your Friday post on a Saturday. This month all final assessments were due for seniors so the majority of my month was spent looking at loads and loads of loose leaf paper. That said, here is October in pictures:


Clockwise from top left:

  • I am a Christmas nut – this is currently the only Christmas decoration we have up in our house, but oh the plans I have for December!
  • Fail-muffins – an inside joke at Mary’s farewell. Also the state of my diet at the moment
  • Three wrapped presents for three new mamas – JuB and ChK have already had their little ones early, just waiting on ElW!
  • Gorgeous coral shellac nail polish for summer- colour name is hot chillies!
  • I took this pic to remind myself to wear that necklace more often – I bought it for my engagement party and LOVE it.

So how about you? Did the month of October simply fly away for you too, or were you able to enjoy the smaller moments? That’s definitely my plan for November!



One thought on “October in Pictures

  1. October flew by fast, it was an awesomely busy month for me thus the lack of posts! I love love love fall and cant wait to take down Halloween decorations in preparation for Christmas!

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