Short and sweet…

… and no, I’m not talking about my work friends, those that I realized the other day are all at least six inches shorter than me. I’m a giant!! Today’s post is just a collection of thoughts that are threatening to bust out of my head all over the show.

  • I find it a little sad that I find work so exhausting that a day on a professional development course seems like a break. I wish that I was still feeling the spark and the buzz about work but at this point I’m just holding on for the end of term. I need a decent amount of time to rest. This week has been insane.
  • I have to admit a small amount of jealousy creeping in with my pregnant and new mama friends. I know that they’re all going through difficult times, adjusting to either complications (medical and life) during pregnancy or the natural difficulties of becoming a new mother, but the smallest part of me wishes that those were the problems I had to deal with.
  • I have an amazing husband; I know that’s not the first time that I’ve said that. He was awesome picking me up from the airport late on Sunday and he’s put up with me being grumpy and tired all week – we’re both looking forward to the weekend and sleep!
  • Technology is crazy – this training I’m at today is for interactive whiteboards. We’ve come a long way from the blackboards of my childhood!
  • My nails are Barbie pink and it makes me smile every time I look at them! I think I’ve become much more of a girlie girl as I get older. I like to wear make-up, feel irritated when it’s been too long in between visits to the hair dresser (like at the moment), get joy out of buying lots of pretty dresses and get my nails done every three weeks. Lucky that hubby likes the more high-maintenance version of me, right?
  • We’re going to go see Argo this weekend and I’m totally excited! I’m love action movies, especially if they are biopics, but hate horror. Is that weird?

Anyway, that’s all for now. My mind is feeling a lot freer! Have an awesome weekend guys!


3 thoughts on “Short and sweet…

  1. I love your pink nails! I’m feeling quite jealous and now I’d love a manicure myself. Diving just ruins them so I bought myself a candy mint coloured cardigan yesterday instead 🙂

    Hope you have a lovely relaxing weekend xx

  2. Aw hope you get a good break soon or find a spark somewhere that will spur you on 🙂
    Hope you have a good, relaxing weekend!

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