November in Pictures

Even with November being crazy-busy (including a flying weekend trip down to the South Island), I definitely managed to improve on last month’s lame effort of 5(!) photos! So here is November in pictures:


  1.  Delicious make-your-own salad at Goode Brothers.
  2. A sea of pink presents for MeB’s baby girl shower!
  3. Crazy gorgeous sky at night!
  4. Green smoothie – looks ugly, tastes delicious
  5. Nerding it up when marking late at night – I only need to wear glasses when I’m tired
  6. My cuddle blanket that I received for my 21st, also a constant marking companion
  7. The cute little ASB bank in a container at the re:START mall in Christchurch
  8. Mango daquiris with cousins
  9. Delicious fluffy pancakes, a great way to start the day.


  1. Cutest coffee decoration at Coffee Culture Riccarton
  2. Marking – yes, a lot of November was taken up with marking assessments
  3. Matching (although the colours in the photo would beg to differ) finger-and-toenails
  4. Bebe coke bottle – super cute!
  5. Shiny salon hair – I wish I could have a stylist every week!
  6. The most stunning takeaway coffee cup I have seen in my life (from Olaf’s)
  7. Red Christmas nails
  8. Frozen yoghurt from KiwiYo – yoghurt has become my new addiction
  9. A cute little gingerbread man from our sabbatical staff’s farewell morning tea – go USA!

Feeling much happier about the amount of life that I managed to document this month. Looking back on all these snippets makes me smile and remember the associated memories with each moment. In the end, isn’t that all we want for ourselves? Records of moments of joy?

Look out for December’s edition! With me finishing work at the end of this week I have a feeling it’s going to be a bumper month!

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