Wishful Thinking: All I want for Christmas…

While there are many intangible things I would love for Christmas, I can’t help but be a somewhat material girl! It’s totally alright at this time of year… right? Right? Here’s a few of the things on my wish list this Christmas:


CyclonicStickVacuum♥ I am still lusting over a cyclonic stick vacuum – this year is the first time that we’ve lived in a multi-level house and I will totally admit to whipping out the dustbuster for spot cleaning if I can’t be bothered lugging our big heifer of a machine upstairs.

♥ Some Ruby Wing nail polish – it changes colour in the sun! I am currently addicted to getting my finger nails shellacked but would love to have toenails that changed colour in direct sunlight – perfect for jandal weather! If you would like some, a reliable source tells me that this is being stocked in Amazon surf stores this summer!

♥ Through following Elice Blaha, I’ve become obsessed with the thought of doing Project Life next year. Project Life is like an easy way of scrapbooking, perfect for my busy life! This Seafoam starter kit is gorgeous!

♥ I love supporting local business and this Wallpaper hoodie by CAST is just a stunner. I’d get it in an extra-large just to have something to snuggle into on those chill summer nights.

♥ Another pair of Havaianas – these Missoni x ones are pretty cool, or these ones here.

♥ After my first baking/decorating class with Made From Scratch, I’m starting to get much more into my own baking. Whilst a KitchenAid is a little out of reach this year, this beginner’s icing kit from The Pretty Baker is just the right price!

♥ This Paradiso quilt by Wallace Cotton is amazing – I also love the Hunter, Amarya & Cotton Blossom designs.


What’s on your Christmas wish list?

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One thought on “Wishful Thinking: All I want for Christmas…

  1. That vacuum looks great! I would want a robotic vacuum but to be honest, I did say that my husband would be dead meat if he gave it to me as a gift. Haha. I’ve said I just want clothes/clothing vouchers and accessories this year. It’s so hard for me to go clothes shopping, time and budget wise that this would really help me out. Also, these gifts are completely selfish. Not for the Little Mister and not for the household.
    In my absolute dreams (after a lotto win) I would love a MacBook Air…
    Mostly I just want all my friends and family to have a happy Christmas and an amazing 2013 filled with joy xo

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