#WEverb12 – Days 8 to 13

#WEverb is a series of creative prompts that are designed to get you to look back at the year that has passed and the year ahead. Anyone can participate and you don’t have to have a blog to do it! Check it out here – I’ll be doing the prompts weekly!


8: respond [LISTEN]

Do you actively listen to your inner voice/conscience? Describe a time this year you heard and responded to it. 

I think my inner voice is wiser than I give it credit for. It usually knows when I should stop, when I should cut and run and so often I tell it to shut up. I definitely became better to responding to it in the later half of the year – demanding time off work – but it is something I NEED to get much better at!

9: triumph [CREATE]

How were you challenged by a project or goal this year? What did you learn from it?

I took on the crafting of my centrepieces for our wedding this year. I don’t usually consider myself a crafty person but I was really impressed with my ability to take a concept and make it into something fabulous. What I really learnt from this experience is not that I don’t have the skill but that I really struggle with having the patience to see something through to fruition.

10: lose [HOPE]

Did you have to say goodbye to a person, or even a cherished object, this year? Take a moment to celebrate the memory.

I’ve reflected on the loss of my mum a lot in these posts and that’s not surprising. What was surprising to me was the loss I felt when I said goodbye to my old car! It was really a hunk of junk by the time I sold it – leaking oil, rust along the back windscreen, only one working speaker and one working air con vent – but as the tow truck drove it away I felt sad.

I guess it’s because I’d had it for so much of my 20s (I bought it off my ex-boyfriend’s [whole other story, let’s not go there] parents when I was 20) and it was the car that, in essence, was part of my growth into the adult I am today. As much as I love being a grown-up and a wife (and hopefully in the not-too-distant future, a parent), it was a little bit like seeing off the end of an era.

11: spend/save [LIVE]

Are you richer or poorer this year, compared to last year?

Richer in assets, poorer in cashflow. I am so proud of our ability to save for what we want and buy within our means. Instead of buying a new vehicle, we bought one that was seven years old but had low mileage; it’s still a fantastic car. It blows me away the amount of money we’ve been able to spend on things we desire just by being sensible.

12: toss [GROW]

2012 was the last time for ________________

Emotional eating. I had a couple of really bad days when Mum was declining that I let it get the better of me, but otherwise there were no emotion-fed binges. I’m definitely changing as a person! If I can get through a year that stressful only doing it twice, there’s no excuse to do it moving forward.

13: associate [LISTEN]

What blog/book/article spoke to you the most in 2012?

The blog that spoke to me the most this year would have to be Enjoy It – Elice inspires me to be more, do more, feel more. In the end, that’s all a girl can really ask for.

Do any of these questions inspire answers from you? Share them below!

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