#WEverb – Days 14 to19

#WEverb is a series of creative prompts that are designed to get you to look back at the year that has passed and the year ahead. Anyone can participate and you don’t have to have a blog to do it! Check it out here – I’ll be doing the prompts weekly!


14: walk [LIVE]

Describe the path to a favorite place of yours to walk in 2012.  What’s meaningful about the place or the journey?

My favourite walk this year has been in our new neighborhood. Out of the lane, down the road before turning right and heading out into the fields. While our neighbourhood and home aren’t perfect (but then, who can say that?), our proximity to the countryside has been a big plus for both of us and walking amongst nature as the sun goes down is just a magical way to finish the day.

15: quote [GROW]

What inspirational quote would you associate with this past year for you?

She is clothed with strength and dignity;
she can laugh at the days to come. (Proverbs 31:25)

16: replicate [CREATE]

What were you inspired to create/make this year based on something else? (i.e. a pin from pinterest, recipe from a friend, etc.)

A delicious basic brownie recipe given to me by Rachel of Made From Scratch has been a favourite in our house this year. So simple to make, so scrumptious to eat! Next on the list to attempt may be this Triple Chocolate Brownie which would also make a fabulous Christmas gift!

17: thank [HOPE]

Write that thank you note that you’ve been meaning to send this year… or would like to send next year…

Dear Papa M,

Thank you for being amazing, for being supportive and, most of all, for being you. I know that sometimes I don’t always take your suggestions on fixing situations with good grace but I know that they come from a good place, a place of love. This year has possibly been the most stressful year of both our lives and the fact that we’ve made it to the end largely unscathed makes me feel really positive about our future. I can’t wait to relax with you over the summer break, I think we both need it!

xox SMM

18: soak [LISTEN]

What have you soaked in this year? (Baths, sun, ideas?) How did it affect your mentality?

Baths! I didn’t fit in our tiny bath at our old house so I’ve really enjoyed having baths at our new place. Papa M and I also had the opportunity to share a bath as part of our spa treatment and that was just beautiful, having the opportunity to relax together. I’m a total bath convert!

19: exercise [LIVE]

How did you live actively in 2012? What will you change in 2013?

A lot of walking and I started taking a yoga class – it was still pretty shocking to see my lack of exercise in the middle of winter. I need to improve on that for next year!

Do any of these questions inspire answers in you? Share them below!