#WEverb – Days 20-25

#WEverb is a series of creative prompts that are designed to get you to look back at the year that has passed and the year ahead. Anyone can participate and you don’t have to have a blog to do it! Check it out here – I’ll be doing the prompts weekly!

First of all I hope that you had a lovely Christmas day with your family! I’ve scheduled this post to run while I’m out enjoying time with my extended family at our annual Boxing Day party, something that is always a lot of fun! Here we go!

20: reminisce [GROW]

What distant memory/time did you find yourself longing for in 2012?

For the first time this year, I felt OLD. I’m not sure whether it was the marriage, the death of a parent and having to step up, the challenging year at work or a combination of all this and maybe even more. I will admit that even though I love my husband and I love the life that we are building together, sometimes I longed for the innocence of childhood and a time of no responsibilities. In those dark times, I’d even settle for being sixteen, as tumultuous a year as that was for me. Most of the time I love being twenty-seven though!

21: read [LIVE]

Did you read a book this year that left you craving more when it was over?

The Divergent series by Veronica Roth – I read the first two books “Divergent” and “Insurgent” and I’m very excited to find out what happens next. I think that she did well to leave the ending of the second novel wide open to possibilities!

22: recharge [CREATE]

What did you do to recharge your batteries in 2012?

I became a huge fan of baths. I love my Kindle App on my iPad. Coming into summer I love to open the bifold doors in our lounge and just sit there on the couch and breathe in the fresh air. I love to bake and try new recipes in the kitchen. And shhh, don’t tell anyone but the afternoon sun streaming through the window of our ensuite makes my loo a lovely place to hang out and just zone out for five minutes when I get home from work.

23: communicate [LISTEN]

Describe a conversation that you had this year. Why was it memorable?

A recent conversation with JuB leaps to mind; it was such a delightfully frank and honest conversation. I think that it really signals a change in my attitudes and conversations that has come about toward the end of 2012… I’m not interested in projecting an image anymore, I’m interested in being real and I love having conversations with people who are also interested in being real.

24: delight [HOPE]

How can you bring more joy into your life in 2013?

Well, we’re hoping to bring a little bundle of joy into our lives in 2013, but even if that is not to be I am hoping that the year will still be joyful. We have one trip already planned and another in the early stages of planning, so those are two things to definitely look forward to! I’m also hoping to carry a spirit of honesty with me next year and I feel like that will bring me more joy!

25: give [CREATE]

What was the best gift you gave someone this year?

Oooh hard pick! I know that Papa M loves his Playstation 3 but I think he also liked the Ron Swanson mug that I bought him. The parents loved their photo books from our wedding too.

What was the best gift you gave this year? I’d love to know.

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