Spoilt! And summer holiday plans…

Does anyone else feel very spoilt following Christmas?? I received several things that have been on my wishlist this year. I’m adorkably excited about the fact that I finally got my stick vacuum/dustbuster (am I turning into a housewife or what?), a decent pair of kitchen scales and a picnic blanket. I also got both CDs that were on my wish list too – Ed Sheeran and Six60!

I also got some great gifts that I hadn’t even considered – my in-laws gave me a hanging toiletries bag and travel-sized toiletries that will be absolutely perfect for our honeymoon. My sister gave me a gorgeous ceramic owl. My aunt and uncle gave us Samoan tala for our honeymoon. My husband absolutely outdid himself with the purchase of a heart necklace with one wee diamond to celebrate our first married Christmas together! I almost cried when I saw that one!


As for us? With our honeymoon in January (and my brother-in-law kindly house-sitting for us), we’re keeping it calm and close to home until then – we both need the R & R time! There’ll be posts on the blog – including some delicious food related posts – until the 4th of Jan, then Sweet Mama M will be taking a two week hiatus before bringing you some honeymoon posts!

I hope that you all were as spoilt as I was, both with gifts and with family time! I’m out today with Sister T, doing some pre-honeymoon shopping and going to watch “Wreck-It Ralph” – more special time with those we love!

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  1. Oh yay! You got your vacuum!!! 🙂 That is a beautiful necklace from your man! So sweet! Your inlaws sound really thoughtful. How lovely x

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