#WEVerb – Days 26 to 31

#WEverb is a series of creative prompts that are designed to get you to look back at the year that has passed and the year ahead. Anyone can participate and you don’t have to have a blog to do it! Check it out here – I’ll be doing the prompts weekly!


26: chronicle [LIVE]

As cliche at it is, probably my wedding day. It was our last family event before Mum went away and it really was everything I had hoped for. We spent the morning at a bed and breakfast getting ready (Mum, my bridesmaids and I) and literally laughed our whole way through the morning – our videographer said that he’d never seen any bride so relaxed! We arrived at the church to find that we had to wait while Papa M’s grandfather went to the bathroom before I entered the church – I say that when you are over 90, you go to the bathroom whenever you want! It made me smile that a few of our friends tittered with laughter at our “signing of the register” song – we went with a string instrumental version of “Everlong” by the Foo Fighters. It was one of those days that even the things that went wrong – and they were very few – added to the magic of the day. I wouldn’t change a thing.
A close second would be the day before Mum passed away. I took her out just to run some errands that she wanted to do about our hometown. We didn’t do anything out-of-the-ordinary, just spent fun time with each other and had a really awesome day. Mum and I were so happy at the end of the day and I’m really glad that that was her last full day in this realm.

27: sacrifice [GROW]

What did you, as an individual, let go of to further the greater good this year?

Perfection. I’m a total perfectionist and this tends to get me really wound up. Something my aunt said about a situation really made me think – I was despairing over a class where nothing was working at it was already adding to my stress. She said that maybe it was the situation that I was meant to be in this year; that it wouldn’t matter if I was perfect or atrocious with this class because I wasn’t the issue. It really made me examine what in me needed things to be perfect and I’ve been able to let it go. Was this for the greater good? I think it made me a more placid person to be around so I say yes.

28: empower [HOPE]

What made you feel powerful in 2012?

It took almost all year to get there, but my resolution in December to say no to bulls#!t has made me feel more powerful and positive about 2013. You teach people how to treat you and there are definitely some areas of my life in which I have been a little bit of a doormat. Finally realising that and doing something about it felt truly powerful.

29: connect [LIVE]

With whom did you make the most worthwhile connections in 2012?

Oooh that’s a tricky one! I definitely became closer to a couple of blog friends – especially Kez. I made three close friends at work – JeN, HeR and RDV. I made a pretty strong legal connection with my husband though, so I think I will have to choose that one!

30: capture [LISTEN]

Post a picture taken of you or by you this year when you were happy.


Image property of Sweet Mama M

So many to choose from that were taken on our wedding day, but this is one of my favorites.

31: aspire [GROW]

What is your biggest aspiration for 2013?

Well it’s the world’s most poorly kept secret, but to become a mum! I’m currently in the middle of the longest cycle known to man so I don’t know that it will be happening any time soon but I really hope that this can happen for us this year. All your thoughts, prayers and sparkly vibes on this are MOST welcome!

And that concludes #WEverb for 2012! Back to regular posting 🙂

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  1. I will be cheering your ovaries on from the sidelines all year (creepy as that is) haha. I hope your dreams come true this year. Big hugs xoxo

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