December in Pictures

Definitely managed to take more pictures this month – lots to enjoy and celebrate! I’m hoping to take this attitude forward in the new year and smell the roses a little more… more on that later!


Pictures L to R, top to bottom:

  1. Christmas tree all decorated – always a task for the first weekend in December!
  2. Some gorgeous gifts from my students on the last day of school
  3. The cutest Christmas Card design I received this year
  4. The Collective yoghurt – definitely helps ease a stressed out girl, especially when you eat it out of the pottle!
  5. Cookie Monster Cupcakes at Little J’s first birthday
  6. Delicious homemade raspberry curd on toast – decadent!
  7. My ruggedly handsome husband – I’m so lucky
  8. My gorgeous new couch cushions – graphic enough that Papa M doesn’t mind the florals
  9. Aqua shoes – daggy yet comfortable for the honeymoon



Pictures L to R, top to bottom:

  1. Strawberry Croquembouche, a great lower-calorie version of the real thing!
  2. Glazed ham – this went down particularly well at our Christmas Party – we had none left over coming into the new year!
  3. Mallowpuff Christmas Puddings – cuteness personified and a tasty treat. I used Collisions Mallowpuffs so these also tasted minty – yum!
  4. Toddler-proofed Christmas tree: a little bit of an eye-opener as to things that we’ll have to change around the house when we have a mobile child of our own
  5. Gorgeous disposable plates and cutlery – looks pretty and much less to clean!
  6. Minimalist table setting for the Christmas party – more room for pot luck food contributions
  7. Stone-chip on windscreen when driving to Matamata – boo!
  8. Leftover kumara salad for breakfast – mmmmm.
  9. Puppy in prison after busting through her harness on Christmas Eve.



Pictures L to R, top to bottom:

  1. Yoga bolster, one of my presents from Papa M – so much easier to do my Iyengar Yoga practice at home now
  2. Bacon sandwiches for breakfast; one of our Christmas Day traditions
  3. Heart necklace with one wee diamond to celebrate our first married Christmas together – I have such a thoughtful husband!
  4. Tired as heck on Boxing Day – there was no way I was sharing this coke with my mate!
  5. Sunflower thriving in our garden despite the cyclonic weather
  6. Cherkez chicken from one of my favorite restaurants
  7. Papa M smoking a cigar in celebration of my late mother’s 50th birthday
  8. My one alcoholic drink this New Year’s Eve – designated driver so had to choose well.
  9. Me – sans makeup – enjoying aforementioned cigar on one of Mum’s favorite beaches.

Almost a picture for every day of the month! There’ll be less Instagramming while we’re on honeymoon but we hope to take some gorgeous pictures anyway!

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