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Alright, alright I promised you guys I wouldn’t go all nostalgic on you in the new year, but I just had to make this post. On the 2nd of January Papa M and I took a day trip to Tauranga and Mount Maunganui to enjoy some beach time and have some great food (more on that later). We thought by leaving after dinner we’d be a little sneaky and beat the holiday traffic – no such luck! It took us three hours when it would only usually take us two, but driving along in the twilight got me thinking about all the memories that I have travelling along that road:

  • Driving down to visit my grandparents with ScoB, my best guy mate at fourteen. We stopped at an orchard to pick up some fruit on our journey and the woman who owned the store told ScoB to help his mum take the fruit out to the car; little bit awkward seeing it was my mother!
  • The first time I ever broke the speed limit dramatically  – there is a straight piece of road on the way down if you take the route over the Kaimai ranges. I was driving the car long-distance for the first time and Mum asked me really casually “Just out of curiosity, how fast are you going?”… I may have been going 25 kph over the speed limit. Oops.
  • The same trip, I drove a manual (stick shift) over hills for the first time. Somehow I had missed out on the lesson that you change down gears going up a hill and we were going at a snail’s pace up the Kaimai Ranges. Mum was yelling “Change down gears” and I was yelling “But I want to go faster, that makes no sense!”
  • The year that I broke up with my high school ex, his new girlfriend started stalking me. My parents took pity on me and my mum drove me and two of my friends down to the Mount for New Years Eve. I finished work at the supermarket and we picked up my friends and we had a couple of drinks in the car as we were driving down. By the time we got to Tatuanui we were absolutely busting to go to the loo – only there were no public toilets around. There was, however, a very attractive clump of trees at the front of the school… coincidentally, those trees are no longer there. Guess we weren’t the only ones to use them as a bathroom!
  • Driving down to visit my sick grandmother while doing a conference call with the members of my group project team on a headset – I’m nothing if not efficient.
  • Arguing all the way back to Auckland with an ex – he became an ex that day. I dropped him off at the Papakura Train Station because I could literally not stand to be in the car with him any longer. He lived in Glen Eden (43 km, two train rides away) – harsh, but moving on from that stagnant relationship was a fantastic move!
  • Singing “Use Somebody” with Cousin SaF earlier this year as we came home from a girls’ weekend
  • Getting a stone chip on my way to see ReJ and SaJ at the beginning of December and literally praying for about 100 ks of the drive that my windscreen wouldn’t shatter.

And to add to all those memories, now I have cruising along with my new husband with my feet on the dashboard laughing about how our idea to be be sneaky and beat the traffic turned out so wrong! It’s funny how just one road, one journey, can have so many memories. I’m looking forward to making many more memories on the same road in future!

Any journeys full of memories for you?

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  1. Ah, the nostalgia 🙂 Great little memories – thanks for sharing! I don’t even know where I’d start with my journey memories! There is one spot that sticks out in my mind…I could write a novel of my memories heading to this one camping spot every year since almost birth! I grew up with that tradition and we’re probably heading back there next month for the Little Mister’s first ever camping trip after a few years’ break – something to add to the memory banks 🙂

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