Creating Magic – 2013 Inspiration, Part 3

During the month of January I’m sharing my inspiration for 2013 – my lights on the pathway of life, so to speak.


There’s a little bit of a story behind this one. The tenants in our property before us did not care very much for the property and never is it more evident in the yard. Our next door neighbours have a lovely hedge of foliage… we have a literal row of sticks. We were particularly loathe to pull the dead trees out and relandscape – we’ve done that before, only to move a short while later. So we’ve put up with our sticks in the backyard, even decorating them with tinsel for Christmas.

Just before Christmas (when I was checking how many dead trees we actually had for tinsel purposes) I noticed leaves just budding on our tree right by our neighbour’s fence. I pruned back the non-budding branches and hoped for the best. The tree looked like a tiny fuzzy lollipop!

Well wouldn’t you know it… day by day, that tree is absolutely thriving. It’s not the world’s prettiest process, and for the life of me I have no idea how it’s happening, but it’s beautiful. Our little corner tree is one of my inspirations for the year – reminding me that growth is always possible.

Sometimes the growth will be fast, sometimes it will be slow. Sometimes it will go completely unnoticed by everyone around me; sometimes everyone will notice at once. I am the little fuzzy lollipop and who knows what I (and the tree) will look like by the end of this year? And even when I think growth is impossible, I never know what is around the corner.

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