Loving It: 30.01.13

You all know me and my kooky date loving self! I’ve decided that I’ll post my Loving It posts on the coolest looking date for each month! It was a toss up between the 30th and the 31st for this month (as I was travelling on the 13th) but there’s just something about the even distribution of 0s, 1s and 3s in today’s date that looks awesome!

♥ The teacher in me loves these unintentionally inappropriate test responses, although I do think that some of them were totally intentional!

♥ Maca powder – it’s listed as a wonder-supplement for women with PCOS and I really feel like it’s been balancing out my hormonal levels. I’ve taken the advice of a view websites to cycle on and off it though and have found myself a little bit more emotional in the cycle off. More on this in another post

♥ See note above: watching the new Year 9s start high school – they’re so little and life is full of promise. Haha Maca powder is making me soft!

♥ I love the Montessori method and it has the ideal that children will move straight from their first bed (bassinet, moses basket, hammock) to a floor bed. These beds from Floorbeds for Fae are stunning!

♥ On Grafton Road in Auckland there is a massive chalkboard hoarding with the words “Before I die, I will…” spray-painted multiple times on it. Next to these sentence starters people have written in chalk everything from the existential “know what the hell this life was all about” to the absurd “party with Dinah Lohan and Kris Jenner”. Makes for interesting and sometimes hilarious reading!

♥ Okay, totally kid-centric linkies this week, but this post where kids recreate looks from the Golden Globes is just adorable!

♥ And finally, although I (well, we) are trying to eat whole food/paleo at the moment, a girl has to treat herself. I’m just trying to come up with an upcoming social occasion that makes the production of these mini berry cheesecakes a warranted move! Gosh the girls from BMTB don’t make my diet easy!

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