M is for Mama: T is for Two Week Wait

The torment of every woman “trying to get pregnant” – the two week wait (TWW). The two weeks-ish between when you get a positive OPK (and hopefully make a baby) and when you can actually test to see if you are pregnant. When not trying to conceive, most women wouldn’t think twice about what is going on with their bodies during that time. When you are trying, it’s hard not to turn into the world’s biggest symptom spotter. Dr. Google doesn’t help either.

Am I lightheaded because I haven’t eaten enough or because I’m pregnant? Crampy because my period is on the way or was it implantation cramps? Tired cause I’m up the duff or just because work is taking a lot out of me… the list continues. It feels so foolish to keep on thinking about it, but the thoughts just won’t leave your head. Every twinge could mean something or nothing at all. It’s definitely a madness that only other women who’ve tried to conceive can know!

Accompanying all this symptom spotting are all the restrictions that women can put on themselves in that time where they COULD be pregnant. Many women “drink til it’s pink” – meaning they get a positive pregnancy test – but I’ve made the decision to try and avoid it, having half a highball glass of beer (about a third of a bottle – thanks Papa M for sharing) at the most. I love my morning coffee but during the TWW I make sure that it’s the only caffeine that I have that day. Headaches get a single panadol to ease their pain – no NSAIDs here! I do however refuse to give up my sushi and deli meats until I have two lines on a test proving otherwise.

The funny thing is that all those symptoms and all those restrictions seem totally worth it… if you are pregnant. When it’s only a possibility – about 30% if all statistics are to be believed – you alternate between feeling cautious and crazy. When you get a negative pregnancy test, it feels like a waste of time. I’ve just got to have faith that the times when it feels like a waste of time, when it feels like I’m a bit crazy… that it will all be worth it in the end.

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  1. Ah the TWW and the disappointment of a negative test – no fun at all. But fingers crossed, may the odds be ever in your favour 😉

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