To be or not to be… in love with St. Valentine’s Day

Well St. Valentine’s Day is just around the corner and the conversation is heating up on the web about whether or not we should celebrate it. Just today in assembly the Year level dean wished the kids a happy Valentine’s day and had a valentine-themed class competition. The American blogs are full of cute ideas for celebrating with your kids and I think it’s always a great idea to create special memories with your family, but the big question everyone seems to be asking is whether the day is a load of commercialised hype or the ultimate day of love.

My answer? Both… and neither. Sure, it seems crazy to go to the supermarket and see pink and red everywhere. Stationery shops are dominated by massive card displays. Roses cost at least twice as much as any other time of the year. I hear the arguement that we should show our love on every day of the year and I believe that’s a fantastic ideal. But I believe it’s an ideal… I may be alone in my imperfections but I cannot realistically agree that I show my husband each and every day that I love him. I LOVE him every day, but some days it’s definitely not obvious. Days when I’m tired, days when I’m sick, days when I cook a meal grudgingly rather than with grace; I don’t think these days celebrate our love at all.

For me, I think it’s nice to have a few days a year where your relationship is at the front of your thoughts. For us, we use March 7, the anniversary of our first date; May 14, the anniversary of our engagement; June 1, our wedding date and yes, February 14. It doesn’t have to be a huge gesture – March 7 and May 14 are more likely to be nice dinners & maybe a movie – it just needs to be quality time together, focusing on our relationship. We’ve decided that since we were married last year, we’ll swap each year who plans our Valentine and Anniversary dates and this year, Valentine’s Day is my responsibility.

I can’t give too much away – Papa M knows about this blog – but I’ve planned something fun yet slightly off-beat, perfect for us. And in the end, isn’t that what it’s all about? Celebrating the weird and wonderful things that made you perfect for each other in the first place.

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One thought on “To be or not to be… in love with St. Valentine’s Day

  1. When Valentines day rolls around, I do admit to rolling my eyes and wanting a sick bucket. Only because there are SOME (unhealthy) couples who use it as the ONLY day to not only show their love but to brag to the universe about their huge gestures when we all know they’re a hot mess together every other day. ALL THAT PINK AND RED IN THE SHOPS – EWW! haha.
    In saying that, I don’t mind an excuse to show our partners how much we care. I don’t want big red hearts and OTT gestures, I just like celebrating the little things and keeping our love in the front of our minds (like you say). We don’t have plans for the 14th, but we have plans to get ourselves on more date nights and days this year 🙂 It’s been hard with a little one, but we’re going to put more effort into ourselves as a couple – can’t wait!
    Have a great Feb 14th and I hope your hubby likes your surprise xx

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