Some passing thoughts…

  • Work has been so full on this week and I am freaking tired… like bone tired, tired.
  • I’m really excited to have the opportunity to see a friend get married this weekend, even if it means a thirteen hour round trip
  • I feel bad for Papa M, whose workplace is in a bit of turmoil at the moment. It’s hard to keep being positive when you’re feeling a bit undervalued.
  • My darling is also having a milestone birthday this weekend and planning is in progress for his big party in March. It’s quite exciting!
  • I’m on the fence about dressing in Indian attire for a friend’s son’s naming ceremony. She would like me to, I’m just hoping that there is no one there who takes it as offensive rather than as me embracing their culture.
  • I still need to cook the dinner and I REALLY don’t want to get off the couch – what a lazy ho, I know!
  • I’m loving caramel soy shakes from Burger Fuel and I don’t know why as I don’t usually have a preference for caramel over fruity flavours.
  • I feel quite tan right now – most people wouldn’t consider me that tan, but considering I am quite often literally white (as opposed to the usual pinky color), the golden tinge to my skin is quite appealing.
  • This post reflects the interior of my brain at the moment – all the focus of a goldfish!

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One thought on “Some passing thoughts…

  1. Its rather lovely that your friend has asked you to wear something specific for the naming ceremony. I’m sure most people will see the respect you give the outfit xx

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