It’s an adventure…

At relatively short notice, Papa M and I decided to attend a wedding this weekend, around a thirteen hour round trip from where we live! Deciding at such short notice meant that we already had plans the day before the wedding – it’s my darling’s 30th birthday today. The man of the house has told me that we need to be on the road at 7 am to get there on time for the ceremony tomorrow and this very much non-morning person is freaking out!

I have to remind myself, however, that we are not always going to have the freedom that we do now to just decide to take of at a moment’s notice. Instead of dwelling on the timelines (I’m certainly not going to have the time I usually would to make myself look gorgeous before the wedding), I have to focus on the positives. I get to see a dear friend get married, I get to see a new part of the country that I have never seen before AND we get to have an adventure.

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