Loving It: 25.02.2013

Today’s date is such a lovely mix of twos, threes and fives.

Right now I’m loving:

♥ The stunning weather that New Zealand is having. It’s funny how every time we have a wet summer (maybe two out of every three summers) everyone is all booo, wet summer sucks. When we have a dry summer, everyone wants rain! Accept that weather is cyclical, people, and enjoy the sunny summer we’re having while being sensible with water restrictions.

♥ Hilarity as Ryan Gosling gets presented with one of Dear Colleen‘s tea towels featuring his face – such a lovely lady, I’m so glad she got this added publicity.

♥ Working with kids, their comments make me laugh every day! I love these illustrated comments and how random they are!

♥ The art deco beauty of Napier. This weekend was my first time there and I loved the commitment to theme existing in their town centre – even the shops had signage in art deco typography.


♥ The irony that at the wedding we attended on the weekend, it was all people our age returning to our accommodation on the early bus while the older generation partied on. We become our parents as they metamorphisise into something else!

♥ Ever feel like your current punctuation just doesn’t cut it – here’s some new alternatives! My favourite is the andorpasand!

♥ This – shitty job shouldn’t equal shitty service.

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