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A cute party favor from a baby shower I attended

Papa M and I were talking the other day about when we thought we might welcome a future child into this world – hopefully soon, right? We joked that it would be quite funny if a future child was born the week between our birthdays. We already share a birthday event (most years) so we’ll just have one big massive family birthday! It got me to thinking, however, about just how busy this time of year is for us.

January through to March is generally when New Zealand has the finest weather. While Summer theoretically starts in December, the first three months of the year are the finest and they seem to be the most social. I can literally count on both my hands the number of times we’ve had rain – not so good for our dairy farming industry!

Since the start of the year, we’ve barely had a weekend without any events and I definitely feel like we’ve made more of an effort (with my persistent health issues) to dial it back a notch. Other than our amazing honeymoon adventure, we’ve also completed a 1100km road trip for a wedding, attended baby showers and baby blessings, peaced out at a kick-ass sixties-themed party and hosted our own Mexican fiesta for Papa M’s 30th. That’s not even including the weekends that are busy because they just kinda are. This weekend coming is a case in point. Although we have boarders moving in temporarily Saturday morning, we’re out of town all afternoon and evening at a first birthday party. The following day we are dividing and conquering our family Easter lunches (plus I’m taking my youngest sister to church service) then heading out to a BBQ dinner. While Friday will be taken up with house prep for the boarders, I am grateful we’ll have Monday off together to actually have some couple time!

I certainly don’t mean to sound ungrateful – i know that being inundated with cool invites to fun things is such a first world problem! I guess I just wish I knew a better way to balance all the mundane must-do’s with the going out and having the times of our lives! The problem is compounded at the moment by being limited in what I can do around the house – who knew how much I would miss bending and lifting heavy objects! Ah well, in the not too distant future we’ll have kids and then we’ll be begging for these days back again… Right?

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  1. Wow, you’ve got a lot going on!! Now that we have a toddler just half of those events would make me feel completely overwhelmed!! I think that whether you have kids or not, you need to find a way to slow down sometimes. Breathe 🙂 Hopefully it’s just a busy time of year and things will even out better soon xoxo

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