Creating Magic: A Mexican Fiesta!

With our birthdays a week apart, Papa M and I usually share a birthday event. This year, however, he turned the big 3-0 and I decided to forgo my birthday celebration so that he could have a super-special event with people celebrating his milestone birthday. If there is one thing you must know about Papa M, it’s that the man LOVES his ethnic foods and he especially loves Mexican food! A Mexican themed party it was! We invited all our nearest and dearest and encouraged people to dress in theme – we like to protect their privacy so unfortunately no pictures of them! We did have a plethora of sombreros but I think my favourite was a couple who came dressed as a taco and a masked mexican wrestler.

With time being limited (remember this post on our social season?) and with my health issues at the time, I wanted to make things to be as easy as possible while still being an epic time. I was quite surprised when I Googled “Mexican catering” and up popped one of Papa M’s favourite Mexican fast food restaurants, Mexicali Fresh. Further investigation showed that they would deliver the food to our area, even though we live at least half an hour away from their nearest restaurant. I was sold! I locked that in really quickly. A quick email to our wedding cake maker and we had a peanut butter and chocolate cake on the way! Mexican decorations were sourced very quickly and easily from an online party store. No fuss!

The week before the party was particularly rough, both in terms of workload and in terms of health. What had originally been envisioned as a fringed backdrop for the party became a crepe paper Mexican flag to hide our storage boxes – the garage being the biggest open space to fit our guests in at certain moments in the night. The hire company (tables, linens, chairs) turned out to be a bit of a pain in the rear, only wanting to deliver during business hours – we took the risk and got them to just drop off and pick up from our yard as we both work. The linens we got weren’t as clean as I would have preferred… I was getting pretty stressed. I needn’t have worried. We all had a great time!



While we didn’t go as all out as I would have liked to, our house definitely had some super-cute Mexican touches. The Mariachi duckies were a particular hit and all three sets had found homes by the end of the night! The piñata was also a big hit – in more ways than one. We probably should have had it out on the clothesline from the very start as we are also minus one of our long fluorescent light tubes in the garage… oops! Better get round to replacing that!



This is seriously THE best part! A trip in to Miss Melicious saw a beautiful piñata cake in our hands, deliciously rich, yet tasting like a peanut-butter cup! After leaving our order in the capable hands of their catering manager, Mexicali Fresh dropped off our deliciously warm meals and it was time to dig in. We got a variety of their Fiesta packs and people really enjoyed making their own meals up from all the delicious ingredients. Yummy yummy! Everything was so fresh – people said it was just as good as in store! We were also really lucky to find some virgin mojito mix in the supermarket – refreshing in this hot summer weather we’re still having.

For a large party, it really did go off without a hitch. It was nice to go “low effort” for once and let other people do the work for us, even if I did manage to return our linens cleaner than when we got them. A man only turns 30 once and I’m glad we could make it such a special event for Papa M!


All products paid for in full by us. Just recommending for their awesome service!

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