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We have a bad habit of renting three-bedroom houses. Part of it is that three-bedroom houses have to be one of the most common builds in a country where the average number of children per household is 1.9. Part of it is that they tend to have larger entertaining areas and we do like to have people around. Part of it is possibly aspirational; we always plan as if our current house is going to be the house we start a family in. What this usually means though, is that we have one bedroom that we use and two that go begging in the mean time. It can be handy if one of us is sick or has a particularly early start and it was definitely useful when we could offer our place to Bronnie, Liv and Alice to stay in the night of our wedding.

One of those bedrooms is now about to be taken up! No, not pregnant, we’re getting temporary flatmates! ShM and JaD are moving back to New Zealand from Australia and need a place to base themselves while they search for a dream place of their own. ShM and I flatted together years ago so there aren’t too many surprises. We’re also very lucky to have two bathrooms so each couple will have their own and hopefully won’t trip over each other too much. It does mean that I’m going to have to, you know, wear pants when I’m walking around the house on the weekend, but you can do anything for a finite amount of time, right? It’s Papa M’s first time with flatmates (other than his beautiful wife, of course) so that should be interesting!

Hope all you and yours are having a fabulous Good Friday, regardless of whether you, like us, think Christ is the “reason for the season”.

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  1. Ha, fair enough! We have never been able to afford such a large place alone but we’ve flatted in a few three bedders before. I don’t know exactly what suburb you live in but I can imagine smaller places are harder to come by.

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