Picture Frenzy: March in Pictures

One of my splurges when we returned from Samoa was a Project Life album for this year. We’re hoping to get a few of those bucket list items out of the way and this really seemed to me to be a good way to get keep good records. This has meant, however, that I’ve been taking more photos on my digital camera as my poor little iPhone 3G cannot handle the resolution of pictures that I like. I still love Instagram as a way to capture those random moments of “normal life” that might otherwise slip by. So here we go!


L to R, top to bottom:

  1. My birthday balloon surprise from the darling @alliekatnz
  2. The gorgeous Indian skirt I borrowed for a naming ceremony
  3. Birthday tapas – the husband knows me well!
  4. Birthday flowers – SO spoilt this year!
  5. Fish and chips, undoing all my hard work at yoga
  6. Orange nails – have loved the colour but it’s a heck of a clasher.
  7. Cute kissy napkin “birds” on our four-year dating anniversary


Top to bottom:

  1. The string game at a baby shower – I’m becoming a total veteran at these things. Can I have one of my own please?
  2. The most delicious pate lunch I have had in a long time, at The Redoubt Bar and Eatery in Matamata – I think we have a new place to stop and eat on our way through to the Bay of Plenty!

If you do an Instagram round-up, please let me know in the comments!

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