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A week in, how is the flatmate situation going?

Not bad! There’s a definite benefit to flatting with adults in their late twenties as opposed to the party houses that can come about when you have a share-house while at university. Voices late at night tend to be your flatmates ringing their colleagues in the international office. On Tuesday night I was actually the last one up, having neglected to even look at my work before returning on Wednesday morning.

Still being the one that is home most often means that I’m still doing the lion’s share of the chores but it’s no biggie to hang a few items of washing that aren’t ours – and in fact, we’re able to do full loads more often (more economical) because we can top up with our flatmates’ laundry.

Making sure I’m fully dressed before leaving our bedroom is probably the biggest challenge – I know it’s an odd thing to say, but with summer being so hot and long this season it’s easy to sleep in as little as possible. I’m not so body confident that I’m about to parade around in front of our flatmates with my big white thighs showing… and when I say white, I mean that’s the actual colour of my skin. Not peachy, not pinky… white.

It does help sometimes that they are another couple – having another girl around the house can be beneficial. They’re engaged so quite often the conversation turns to one of my favourite topics – weddings! I’m betting Papa M and ShM don’t love those conversations so much. In saying that, they have each other to talk to about… man stuff… I guess!

While I can’t say that we want flatmates permanently (I passed the stage of wanting to live in a share home long ago, after first moving out of home at 17) I do think that this situation has turned out better than I had expected. That said, I’m looking forward to kicking Papa M out of our ensuite bathroom (back to the main bathroom) as soon as they are gone!

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