My first world problems…

Funnily enough, the online Oxford Dictionary even has a definition for first world problem:

a relatively trivial or minor problem or frustration (implying a contrast with serious problems such as those that may be experienced in the developing world)

We feel bad for having them, yet we all do have those minor issues that make our days that little bit less sparkly. Here are some of my current first world problems and how I gain a little more perspective:

  • being woken up by a local gun range at 9 am in the morning when I wanted to sleep in – we love our neighborhood and at least the gunfire is for sport and not violence
  • having to take extra time at cafes to work out what the non-caffeinated options are instead of the usual caffeine-laden beverages and snacks I would have – I’m lucky enough to be able to afford specialist advice and have alternative medicine routes available to me. Also, this is meant to benefit me and make it easier for us to conceive.
  • having to wake up at 5:30 tomorrow, I’m not a morning person – to fly to Melbourne! To do all the shopping and eat all the food!
  • not being pregnant and everybody and their dogs being pregnant – OK, this is one that’s total Trying-To-Conceive myopia. It can be hard to see others get the babies they desire and relatively quickly but I have to believe that this one will happen when it is meant to happen. I’m not the only one who is struggling.
  • finding my work an uphill battle at the moment – I still seem to have one thing happen every day that makes me smile. I’m not the only that is finding it hard. We have two weeks coming up in which I get to have a break from it. Hey, it pays me money and that’s useful at the moment to tick a few things off our list!

Phew! As you can see, nothing devastating, just stuff that my internal whiner likes to complain about.

In contrast, I have a lot going on right now that’s really awesome!

♥ A husband that this morning both got the suitcases out of the cupboard for me and started the dishwasher ♥ Money in the bank account to buy Lululemon yoga pants and all the food in Melbourne ♥ Free accommodation in Melbourne thanks to my lovely aunty ♥ A whole bunch of new followers to the blog – hi, new people! ♥ A massive reduction in bloating since I stopped the caffeine – surprising ♥ Purple fingernails ♥ Fun with new friends – JaD, looking at you – who are also going to be awesome house-sitters ♥ Hot new boots – it is damn near impossible to find boots that fit my muscular calves ♥ Poutine – eaten with the girls on a laxed out Friday night ♥ A sneaky glass of Pinot Gris – trying to do the no alcohol thing but it was worth it ♥ Pita Pit on a Saturday lunch time because we have no food in the cupboards (we’ll shop when we get back from Melbourne) ♥ Revisiting a place that means a lot to me – can’t say much more just yet ♥ Making plans to see the World of Wearable Art exhibit in Hamilton ♥ Domestic travel plans! ♥

Do you have many first world problems? How do you talk yourself out of them? What’s awesome in your life?

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2 thoughts on “My first world problems…

  1. I’m sorry that you get a bit down at times, not being pregnant yet. It’s early days and you guys will be amazing parents one day 🙂

    I have first world problems coming out of my ears at times! Maybe that means I’m a big whinger haha. Like you, I just realise how many blessings I have and how fortunate I am in life.

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